Left begging to be hogtied

54 photos; 9:02 video

~Raquel Roper~

bondage, damsel in , boots, skin tight jeans, leather jacket, lift & carry, over the shoulder carry, rope, tied elbows, ball gagged, struggling, back arching hogtie, crotch rope, hogtied, BDSM


Adorable Raquel is carried into the lair over the Hunter's shoulder wearing skin tight jeans, knee high stiletto boots and a leather biker jacket. Her elbows are also crushed completely together behind her back and bound in ropes. She begs and cries for him to let her go as she kicks her booted feet and punches at him with her flailing hands. He sits her on his table and stuffs a ball gag between her teeth and straps it tightly in place. Raquel is then bent over the table and her booted ankles are crossed and tightly bound together. He her to hop around on her crossed and bound booted ankles before laying her on her belly on his table. He leaves her struggling helplessly on the table while he grabs more rope. A rope is then tied to her tightly bound elbows and then run down to her crossed and tied feet. Raquel groans into her gag as he jerks her feet up to her elbows in a brutal back arching hogtie with her hands flopped uselessly to her side. Poor Raquel is in agony as she sobs and cries into her gag her poor body pulled bow string tight. The Hunter comes back and looks into her pleading eyes and asked if she wants a nice relaxing Hunter hogtie. Raquel is willing to agree to anything, just to be able to straighten out her back. She groans in relief as he releases the knots holding her elbows to her feet. He then ties her wrists tightly together and ties a rope around her waist and runs the rope down between her legs and up her crotch. The end of the crotch rope is feed between her bound wrists then back to her crossed ankles. He then pulls her into her tight hogtie and wraps the remaining ropes around her forearms. After the brutal back breaking hogtie Raquel's eyes roll back in her head from the relative comfort of a tight Hunter hogtie.

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