Home alone goat roped horror

76 photos; 11:47 video

~Raquel Roper~

bondage, damsel in distress, DiD, coed, boots, upskirt, hand over mouth, choked, tied elbows, on screen gagging, duct tape gagged, struggling, bound crawling, lift and carry, goat roped, hogtied, peril, BDSM


Home alone adorable Raquel feels like she is being watched, she looks out her front door with an eerie feeling and sees no one. She then head to the rear window to look outside unaware that the intruder is already in the house. Suddenly a rope flashed before her eyes and before she has a chance to react it presses down across her throat. Raquel claws back at the brute holding the rope as her eye bulge and she fights for breath. She is overpowered and drug back to the sofa, her legs are like rubber as she sinks to the floor still trying to pull the rope away from her throat. But he is too powerful for the hapless coed and she blacks out, her body slumps on the floor. The brute opens her mouth and stuffs it tight with an old rag them duct tape is wrapped between her lips and around her head sealing her mouth shut. He lift her body up with her head on the sofa, her knees on the ground and her ass in the air. He pulls her arms behind her back and wraps rope around her upper arms then crushes her elbows tightly together and binds them in coils of rope. Her booted ankles are crossed and tied with more rope. Then her hears a delivery trunk pull up to the front of the house, the brute gets up to see what is happening outside. Raquel begins to awaken as he leaves, she pulls at her arms and realizes that they are brutally bound behind her back, she tries to scream and call for help but the gag stifles her cries. Raquel pulls desperately at the ropes but they are tied too tight, she realizes that the brute is probably still nearby, she has to find a way to get away. She looks over at the front door and begins to crawl toward the door in a desperate attempt to get help. It is a long slow crawl and she has to roll part of the way, just before she gets to the door she hears a knock at the door and a delivery guy saying he needs a signature on a package. Raquel screams into her gag but her muffled scream are unheard on the other side of the heavy door. She crawls faster now desperate to get the man's attention to save her. She screams into her gag again as she reaches the door and tries to kick the door with her stiletto booted heels. But by the time she reaches the door the delivery guy is walking back to his truck and can't hear her desperate kicking at the door and her pitiful muted gagged screams. She rolls over onto her belly sobbing and crying in pain and frustration as she hears the sound of the trunk pulling away. A door closes from the other room and the hood brute returns to find her at the door. He stands her on her feet and tosses her tiny helpless body up onto his shoulder. Raquel sobs and cries as she is carried back into her living room. He sits her on the sofa then ties her wrists tightly together behind her back. He tells her that she needs to be punished for being such a bad girl in trying to get away. Then to her horror he ties a thin rope around her throat and pushes her to the floor on her belly. He pulls her booted feet up to her ass and runs the rope from her throat down between her crossed and tied ankles. The the rope is pulled back up to her neck and tied off. Raquel begins to choke on the rope around her pretty throat as he demonstrates that the more she struggles the tighter the rope around her throat gets. He then leaves her on the floor in the evil goat roped hogtie. Raquel's legs quiver and shake as she tries to keep the tension off the throat rope. She begs and cries into her gag for help but the brute has left her alone to her fate. She realizes that she won't be able to keep her legs from tightening the around her throat forever, it is already getting tight as she begins to choke. Tears fill her eyes in horror knowing that she is doomed.

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