There was no escape from the pyscho matron

7:56 video

~Kerri Taylor~ with Kelliann

bondage, DiD, high heels, upskirt, big tits, ball gagged, escape, tied elbows, crushed elbows, bound running, recapture, throat roped, rope bondage, struggling, BDSM


Spoiled rich Kerry couldn't beleive what was happening to her. She was caught speeding by the local hick sheriff in kickville and he found her stach of . She thought that she would make just one quick call to her step-daddy and it would all go away. But she soon learned that her haughty attitude and condescasion wouldn't be tolerated. She was turned over to the jail matron, Kelliann, but there was no room for woman at the jail. The matron turned out to be a real bitch and Kerri made the mistake cursing her out. Kelliann had no patience for snooty rich bitches and stuffed a ball gag into her mouth then tied her arms painfully together behind her back. She then brought her to an old warehouse for further disipline and punishment. But Kerri was still defiant as she was being dragged into the warehouse she kicked Kelliann in the knee with her stiletto heels. Kelliann howled in pain and released her grip, Kerri broke free and started running. She frantically looked for a place to hide he hopefully a way out. But there was no way out and she could hear Kelliann coming so she darted behind some old machines and crouched down behind one. Her arms useless to her so there was no way she could fight the older woman, her heart pounded in fear as she heard Kelliann come close to her hiding place. Kerri held her breath as Kelliann passed by. After Kelliann passed by Kerri crept out of her hiding place and tiptoed out to look around. She knew the way out was the way she came so she cautiously crept down the corridor. But Kelliann wasn't stupid as she waited to ambush her haughty captive. Suddenly before Kerri had a chance to turn on her heels and run Kelliann was on her. She had a peice of rope in her hands and wrapped it around Kerri's throat her. Kerri choked and coughed as Kelliann released the pressure. She told Kerri that that was too quick. So she took the choke rope and looped it around her neck like a leash and lead Kerri away. She brought her to a large room with a dirty old bed in it. Kelliann tossed her onto the mattress and then tied her leash rope to the end of the bed. She ordered Kerri to stay put while she went to find more rope. ButKerri wasn't about to give up and struggled to get her finger to the knots, but her hands were and fingers numb from the tight ropes. It was hopeless anyway as Kelliann returned and caught her trying to escape. She tossed the rope onto the bed and tied her ankles tightly together. She then untied her throat rope from the bed and attached it to her bound ankles. Kelliann demonstrated that as Kerri struggled the throat rope would get tighter and tighter. She left poor Kerri on the bed crying and choking on the rope. 

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