Cruelly bound in an elbow crushing chickenwing hogtie

90 photos; 9:05 video

~Lexi Lane~

bondage, DiD, rope bondage, high heels, shiny, leather, stockings, gagged girl, tape gag, cleave gag, struggling, tied elbows, crushed elbows, chicken wing, hogtied, chickenwing hogtie, BDSM


Adorable neighbor girl Lexi sits on the sofa tightly bound with ropes. Her arms are welded together behind her back with ropes cinched around her elbows and wrists. And her legs are fused together with more ropes cinched around her knees and slender ankles. A tight cleave gag of shiny black tape pulls the corners of her mouth back with the tape wrapped around her head. Lexi struggles on the sofa trying to pick at the knots with her nibble fingers. However her struggles are in vain as the Hunter returns to play with her sweet helpless bondage toy. He checks the ropes and finds that her elbows need to be tied tighter. Lexi moans and groans through her gag as he undoes the knots then pulls the ropes around her elbows tighter. Lexi can feel her bones crushed together as he elbows kiss and the ropes sliced deep into her biceps. Her poor elbows are tied so tightly together that the Hunter has some difficulty pushing the cinching ropes between her fused forearms. But he finally manages and cinches her elbow ropes tight. More rope is then run over her shoulders and down her spine to her bound wrists. He pulls the rope up between her tied wrists and jerks her hands up to her shoulder blades. Lexi's crushed elbows are pushed out from her back as her wrists are jerked up. He moves her to the floor and rolls the poor girl onto her belly for a hogtie. A rope is tied to the rope between her shoulder blades then run up through the notch between her crushed elbows. Her legs are bend and the rope is passed between her bound stiletto heels. The Hunter pulls the hogtie rope bow string tight then ties the knots away from her prying fingers. He leaves poor Lexi cruelly hogtied on the floor with her back arched and her heels pulled up close to her crushed elbows. Lexi struggles valiently but know from experience there is no chance of escape and will remain bound and gag until the Hunter decides to let her loose.

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