Sexy blonde secratary left helplessly hogtied in the warehouse

81 photos; 8:04 video

~Whitney Morgan~

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Curvy blonde secretary Whitney couldn't believe what was happening. She never works on the weekend but the boss asked her to go down to the old warehouse to conduct an inventory. Whitney really could use the overtime so she showed up early to get it over with and spend the rest of the day at the beach. But her world became a nightmare very quickly when she discovered an intruder in the warehouse. He grabbed poor Whitney and tied her up tight with rope. She now sits on an old pallet with her arms fused together behind her back. Whitney feel her elbows crushed up tight against each other behind her back with ropes biting deep into her biceps and wrists. Her mouth has been tightly packed and sealed shut with layers of elastic bandage wrapped around her head. Whitney tries to move but another rope has been tied around her neck and attached to a post behind her. With little room to move all she can do is kick her legs and scream for help into her gag. But the intruder hears her muffled cries and comes back in with more rope. He tells her to keep still and quiet then decides to punish her with tighter bondage. He then ties her ankles tightly together before freeing her neck from the post. The brute rolls Whitney onto her belly the attaches another rope to her bound ankles He pulls her feet up to her hands and hogties her on her belly. More ropes are then wrapped around her hips, thighs and ankles to keep her legs folded tightly together. He tells her to keep quiet now or things will only get worse. Whitney pulls desperately at the ropes but there is no hope of escape. She doesn't want to annoy the intruder again but wonders what he plans on doing with her. Does he plan on taking her with him or will he just abandon her in the old warehouse where she will remain bound and gagged until Monday morning. Both prospects seem horrible. 

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