Restrained in steel for sucky breast torment

79 photos; 8:04 video

~Misty Meaner~

handcuffs, bondage, DiD, big tits, shiny, boots, upskirt, stockings, ball gag, gagged girl, cuffed elbows, caged girl, struggling, breast vacuum tubes, tit torment, weighted nipple torment, BDSM


Busty Misty struggles in a tall steel narrow cage with her arms bound in steel cuffs behind her back. Her elbows are draw back with steel handcuffs biting deep into her biceps, causing her chest to thrush out. Another set of handcuffs are locked around her slender wrists and a big black ball gag is jammed between her teeth. Misty struggles desperately in the cage but there is little room to move, she can barely spin around. She sees the padlock on the door but with her arms painfully locked behind her back in the steel cuffs she can't reach the lock with her trapped hands. This is Misty's first visit to the lair and she doesn't know what the Hunter has planned for her. She sobs and cries through her gag wishing her arms with free of the biting steel cuffs. The Hunter returns and grabs the key to the padlock and opens her cage. He orders Misty to climb out of the cage, Misty struggles to bend over and squeeze her body through the narrow cage door. The Hunter grabs her and pulls her over to a ring mounted on the floor. He locks a leg shackle to one of her booted ankles then runs the chain between the shackle cuffs through the ring on the floor and then locks her other ankle to the leg shackles. Misty is trapped and can't run away as she watches him pull a chain down from an overhead pulley. He attaches the chain to the cuffs locked around her elbows then presses a button on the remote. Misty can hear the whirl of the  electric motor engage then feels the chain tug and pull at her cuffed elbows. She sobs and cries in pain as the steel cuffs slice deeper into her elbows, drawing them closer together as her elbows are hoisted up behind her back. Her poor shoulders twists and stretch as her elbows are raised up behind her. He then comes over and opens her shiny crop top to reveal her big tits. He then pulls out a set of clear cups with a cork screw knob on the end. Misty looks at the strange devices and wonders what he intends to do with them. She doesn't have to wait long to find out as he places the cup end over her right breast then begins to crank the handles. The cork screw pulls the plunger pulling the air out of the tube. The vacuum then pulls her nipple and breast flesh up into the cup. She screams in pain as her the end of her tit is sucked up inside the vacuum tube. She can see inside the clear cup and watches at her breast flesh begins to turn colors as he continues to twist the handle until it will twist no further. She closes her tear filled eyes and bites down on the ball gag between her teeth. He then places the other cup over her other nipple and then twists the crank and sucks her nipple and breast up inside the vacuum tube. Misty sobs and cries through her gag as she desperately pulls at the painful handcuffs that hold her arms helpless behind her back. She begs and cries through her gag as he ties a leather cord to the handle of each vacuum tube. The Hunter then locks a padlock to the leather cord and drops it. The heavy steel padlock reaches the bottom of the cord and jerks the vacuum tubes attached to her tits. Misty screams out in pain into her ballgag, but her pitiful scream is muffled and mutted by the gag. The Hunter then attaches another padlock to the cord and drops it. Misty closes her tear filled eyes as he leaves her alone to suffer in anguish in the cruel steel restraints and the evil vacuum tubes attached to her poor tormented tits.

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