Haughty rich biniki clad bitch's desperate struggles

91 photos; 12:02 video

~Ren Smolder~

bondage, damsel in , bikini, high heels, strappy sandals, sun glasses, outdoors, rope, on screen gagging, cleave gag, tied elbows, struggling, escape attempt, bound running, hogtied, BDSM


Haughty bikini clad Ren walks out to her pool to relax in the sun. Her good mood was instantly fouled when she sees the pool maintance man still in her yard cleaning the pool. He was supposed to be done hours ago and she wasn't very happy and made sure he knew of her displeasure. She demands that he pick up his stuff and leave, when he back talks her she loses her temper and cursing at him she rudely tells him to get the fuck out. He picks up his gear and goes to the pool shed to put away the equipment when he sees a pile of rope and an old cleaning rag. He decides that the haughty rich bitch needs to be taught a lesson. He returns to the pool and standing over Ren he looks over her long lean tight body. She is startled by his shadow blocking her sun and opens her eyes and begins to scold him again. But this time he has no interest in hearing her bitching, he clamps his hand tightly over her mouth then pulls her into his lap, trapping her flailing arms under his legs. He ties the old cleaning rag between her teeth to gag her into silence. Her arms are pulled behind her back and ropes are wrapped tightly around her elbows pinioning them back. She kicks and struggles as he binds her wrists tightly together. With her arms helplessly bound behind her back he reaches to get more rope to bind her ankles. Ren feels him release his grip on her and seizes the chance to get away. She knees him in the groan with her long leg and jumps to her feet and runs for the house. Luckily she had left the door open and with the brute in pursuit she runs inside and slams and locks the door with her bound hands. Safe inside her house she watches as he comes up and bangs on the glass doors. Her heart pounds in her chest in terror as she tries to think of her next move. He stands outside to french doors looking in at his prey then she watches as he walks away and disappears around the corner. She thinks that maybe he is going to get something to smash the window, and with her arms still helplessly bound behind her back and her mouth stuffed and gagged she won't be able to fight him off. She needs to find help so turns and runs for her front door. If she can get out to the street she knows someone will come rescue her and call the cops. She opens to door and suddenly realizes she made a grave error, the brute is standing at her front door anticiipating her blunder. He gragbs her by the throat and pushes Ren back inside. He drags her back through the house to the pool area and pushes her belly down onto the lounge chair. Ren tries to fight but she is overpowered, he grab her ankles and ties them tightly together. A rope is then run from her wrists to her ankles and she is cruelly hogtied on the lounge chair. He leaves her bound, gagged and helplessly hogtied in the hot sun and goes inside to get a cold beer. He tells her that it is going to be a long weekend of fun for him, that he has wanted to do this to her for a long time. Ren cries in horror and chagrin over the thought of him having his way with her. She pulls desperately at the ropes but they are too tightly tied. She sobs and cries into her gag, there was no escaping her fate.

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