Quriky neighbor girl held captive in an old abandon warehouse

61 photos; 11:04 video

~Juniper Berry~

bondage, DiD, shiny, boots, fishnet stockings, eye glasses, big tits, tied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, big tits, gagged girl, tape gag, post tied, BDSM


Quirky neighbor girl Juniper moans into her gag as she struggles to open her eyes. She tries to move her hands to rub her aching head but her hands won't cooperate. She then feels the tight ropes slicing into her slender wrists. Her mouth is dry as cotton from the old rag stuffed inside her mouth sealed shut by layers of shiny white tape. Juniper opens her eyes to find herself sitting on the floor of an old abandoned warehouse with her wrists tied behind her back with a steel pole between her hands and her back. She struggles to her feet to access what is going on as she pulls desperately at her wrists. But the harder she fights the deeper the ropes bite into her slender wrists. After some effort she manages to slide her body up the pole and get to her feet. She looks around to see if there is anything within reach to cut herself free. Juniper twists, turns and struggles trying to think of a way to escape the cruel ropes. But escape is impossible the knots are too expertly tied. Then she hears someone approach and looks up to see the Hunter comes in. He is carrying more rope in his hands. She begs and pleads through her gag to please let her go but he ignores her desperate pleads and wraps a long rope around her elbows, he then slams her elbows together pulling her arms back and causing her chest to thrust out. The cruel rope slices deep into the soft flesh above her elbows, Juniper can feel them kiss behind the pole. He then runs the ropes over her shoulder and around the back of the pole, pulling her head against the steel pole. More ropes are then wrapped around her chest and arms until her upper body is fused and helplessly pinned to the pole. She watches helplessly as more rope is wrapped around her waist and forearms then pulled downn between her legs. The rope slices deep into her poor pussy then the rope is run up behind her and cinched between her forearms and back. Juniper has never felt so helpless and vunerable as he pulls her big tits out and fondles them. He then ties more rope around her booted ankles and knees, cinching the ropes tight. He then leaves her helpless and alone, poor Juniper can barely move any part of her body, she screams for help but the gag is effective and even if there was someone nearby they couldn't hear her pitiful muffled screams. He tells her he will return in a few hours then the fun will really start. 

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