Quirky girl struggles with her tits bound in steel

91 photos; 9:10 video

~Juniper Berry~

handcuffs, bondage, DiD, handcuffs, boots, shiny, vinyl miniskirt, eye glasses, tape gag, gagged girl, struggling, cuffed elbows, pole tied, breast bondage, cuffed tits, BDSM


Quirky neighbor girl Juniper moans into her gag as she struggles to open her eyes. She tries to move her hands to rub her aching head but her hands won't cooperate. She then feels the tight bands of the steel handcuffs biting into her slender wrists. Her mouth is dry as cotton from the tight cloth gag pulled deep between her lips. Juniper opens her eyes to find herself sitting on the floor of an old abandoned warehouse with her wrists handcuffed behind her back with a steel pole between her hands and her back. She struggles to her feet to access what is going on as she pulls desperately at her wrists. But the harder she fights the tight steel cuffs the deeper the steel bites into her slender wrists. Juniper twists, turns and struggles trying to think of a way to escape the tight cuffs. But escape is impossible without a key. Then she hears someone approach and looks up to see the Hunter comes in. He is carrying more steel cuffs in his hands. She begs and pleads through her gag to please let her go but he ignores her desperate pleads and locks another set of hand cuffs around her elbows, pulling her arms back and causing her chest to thrust out. He locks a set of leg shankles around her booted ankles and wraps the chain between the cuffs around the base of the steel pole. He then grabs and gropes her perky tits, pulling them out of her shiny gold top. Juniper begs and cries through her gag as he dangles another set of leg shackles in her face. He then drapes the chain between the cuffs around the back of her neck with the cuffs dangling by her tits. He then wraps the jaws of one of the shackles around the base of her breast, Juniper can't beleive what is happening as he clamps the jaws down. The cold hard steel cuts deep into the soft flesh around the base of her boob, causing her breast to swell and bulge as the cuffs are closed tighter. He then moves to her other breast and clamps the jaws of cuff around the base of her tits. This cuff is then tightened around her other breast causing it to swell and bulge as the steel cuts deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tit. He laughs at her telling her that she should have worn a bra. He leaves the poor helpless girl helplessly cuffed and bound to the pole as her poor tits swell up and begin to change color.

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