Novice Dominatrix is turned to a bound & humiliated cock sucking cum receptacle

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~Slyyy~ with ~Gigi~

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Tall busty Slyyy just moved into the neighborhood to start her new carreer as a professional Dominatrix. She had worked at a duegeon before and had decided to freelance and make real money. She set up her ropes, clamp and gags waiting for her first client to arrive. She was feeling pretty good and the thought of dominating, humilating and getting paid was getting her wet. She had a few minutes so decided to reward herself with a little orgasm to relax. She sits on the sofa and picks up her wand vibrator and begins to vibe her pussy. But her pleasure was interruptied by a knock on her door, "Damn her client was early, he going to suffer for disturbing her moment of pleasure." she gets up from the sofa annoyed and opens the door, but instead of her client a older couple stood in her door. Slyyy looks at the couple and tries to get them to leave but they invite themselves in with the man telling her that they are the neighborhood welcome wagon. But as soon as he closes the door the woman speaks up and tells her that they know what she is doing and that this area is their territory and Slyyy isn't welcome to start her own Dominatrix business in their neighborhood. They ran a successful sex trade and didn't need any upstart invader. Slyyy argues and tells them that she can do as she pleases and there is nothing they can do to stop her. But suddenly the man grabs her by the hair and the woman tells her that she is wrong they will do anything they want with Slyyy. Slyyy struggles but the man is too strong, he pushes her to her knees as the woman informs her that she now works for them. Slyyy is defiant as the man wraps her own ropes around her biceps and slams her elbows together behind her back. Slyyy wriggles and struggles but there is no way to prevent him from tying her elbows together as the woman explains the situation. She tells Slyyyy that she is going to be their sex slave and is going to make them a lot of money. Slyyy is still furious and defiant as her wrists are tightly bound. Once her arms are helplessly bound behind her back the man begins to fondle her tits and pulls them out of her shiny black halter dress. The woman then stuffs a big red ballgag into her mouth, wedging her jaws open and silencing Slyyy's defiant mouth. She is rolls onto the floor where he long legs are tight frogtied with her ankles cinched and tied to her thighs. The woman grabs the wand vibrator and tells her man to tie it to her pussy. she then grabs as set of clover clamps and attaches them to Slyyy's exposed nipples as the man ties the vibrator to her pussy with a tight crotch rope. The end of the crotch rope is run between her bound wrists and wrapped around her forearms, pinning Slyyy's hands to her ass. They pull her up to her knees and the woman grabs a sheet of paper and begins to write. She tells Slyyy that they know her first client is do to arrive soon and that she is writing instructions for him to follow once he arrives. She tells Slyyy that her client will assume it is part of the session and that he is to leaves her tightly bound and clamped. Then he will be instructed to pull out the ballgag and shove he cock deep into her mouth. He is not to listen to any protest because that is part of the session. He will deep throat her and fuck her mouth and then make her swallow his load. Once her shoots his load down her mouth he is instructed to jam the ballgag back in place so she can't spit out his hot cum. Slyyy curses and swears through her gag as the man departs and the woman hides in the other room to make sure that Slyyy isn't freed and the client follows the instructions. Slyyy struggles on her knees, her poor crushed nipples burning in pain as the vibrator stimulates her pussy. Slyyy begins to moan in pain and pleasure when the door opens and the client walks in. She screams for help through her gag as he picks up the note and reads it. He comes over to Slyyy and begins to play with her tits and pussy as she protest through her gag. He then pulls her gag out and leaves it hanging around her throat. Ungagged Slyyy tries to convince him to free her from the ropes and help her. But he laughs and tells her that she is testing him but he will follow her instructions. She tries to tell him the truth that she didn't write the note but he ignores her protests and pulls her pants down and grabs her by the ponytail. Slyyy's protests are stifled by his big trobbing cock jammed down her throat. she cough and gags on his cock still trying to convince him to stop. But her protests and struggling just gets his cock harder. she pulls desperately at the ropes but she is truely helpless as he ruthlessly face fucks her. Slyyy can feel his cock deep in her throat as it throbs and swells. The client moans in pleasure as he shoots his big hot load down her throat. He keeps his throbbing cock in her mouth for a while as he makes her swollow ever drop. He then withdraws he dick and before she can clear her mouth of his cum and beg him for help he jams the ballgag back between her teeth and tightens the strap. Slyyy feels humulatied and defeated, her nipples burn and her arms are growning numb as the vibrator continues to vibe and stimlate her pussy. The client pulls his pants back on and leaves her alone to face her captors helpless and alone. The woman comes back and tells her that she is a fabulous little cocksucking slut, a fine addition to her business. The man then comes back and they tell her that she has a full night of cocksucking in store for them tonight. she is going to remain bound, clamped and vibed all night as she services their clients. Slyyy screams and cries through her gag but there is no hope of escape, she has been turned into a cocksucking cum receptacle.

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