Cruelly bound and gagged there was no escaping his lair

114 photos; 16:33 video


bondage, DiD, boots, shiny, stockings, upskirt, tied up, escape attempt, bound running, tied elbows, cleave gagged, rope bondage, struggling, recapture, hogtied, BDSM


Destine finds herself left cruelly bound and gagged in the old warehouse. She sits on the floor with her wrists bound behind her back and ropes around her chest, shoulders and arms pinning her arms behind her. Her booted ankles are tied tightly together and a tight cleave gag splits her lips holding an old wadded rag in her mouth. She realizes that she has to try to escape the ropes. She rolls around on the floor trying to reach the ropes around her ankles. She stretches and grasps with her numb fingers from the knots around her ankles. She tugs and pulls once she unties the knot and working her booted ankles together she finally manages to work the ropes loose and kicks free to the restraints. Destine struggles to her feet and looks around for an exit. She runs to a huge steel door but finds it locked. She sees another door at the other end of the room and runs to it. She pushes on the heavy steel door and it slides open. Destine squeezes through the opening and finds herself in another large cluttered room. She looks around for a way out. She finds an open door at the other end of the room that leads down a set of old rickety wooden stairs. She is at first afraid to descend the stairs but realizes it is her only hope of escape. Slowly she walks down the stairs with her bound hands grasping a handrail. At the bottom of the stairs she finds another door and with her bound hands she struggles with the door knob and the door swings open. The next floor is a maze of corridors and doors as she continues her frantic search for an escape. But her luck runs out as she comes around a corner and runs into the Hunter. He pushes her up against a wall and punishes her by tying her elbows tightly together. He leads her into an old industrial area and lift her up onto an old steel work table and cruelly hogties her. He leaves poor Destine bound, helpless and alone hogtied on the old table. There is no hope of escape now as she sobs and cries into her gag.

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