Deadend for the sexy blond banker

113 photos; 11:09 video

~Vicky Vixxx~

bondage, damsel in , MILF, high heels, upskirt, satin, ambushed, on screen gagging, cleave gag, elbows tied, escape attempt, bound running, recapture, over the shoulder carry, hogtied, struggling, , BDSM


Leggy blond banker Vicky comes home from a long day, drops her briefcase at the door and heads for her bedroom to take off her stiletto heels and change. But when she opens her door she is suddenly grabbed around the throat by a masked thug and pushed back into her living room. He pushes her to the floor and sits behind her, pinning her arms between his legs, clamping his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. He digs into his pocket and pulls out a huge rag and shows it to her. Vicky's eyes go wide over his hand knowing that he intends to stuff it into her mouth and gag her. Her arms flail about useless between his legs as he removes his hand and stuffs the rag deep in her mouth. He pulls out some elastic bandage and pulls it between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head, sealing the gag deep in her mouth. Vicky tries to resist but he overpowers her and pulls her arms behind her back. She can feel ropes being wound tightly around her elbows slamming them tightly together behind her back. The tight ropes bite deep into the soft flesh around her elbows pinioning them there helpless behind her back. He rolls her over onto her belly and grabs her ankles and begins to wrap ropes around her slender ankles but stop. He hears a noise and asks her who else is in the house. Vicky sobs and cries into her gag hoping and praying that someone has come to save her. The brute gets up to investigate leaving Vicky's ankles half tied and hands free and flailing around behind her back. She seizes her chance to try to escape before he returns and finishes his evil work. She reaches out with her nibble fingers feeling for the ropes around her ankles. She tugs and pulls blindly at the ropes in a desperate attempt to free her legs. After some frantic struggling she is able to kick the ropes free of her ankles and struggle to her feet. With her elbows still strictly tied she heads for the door to try to get outside and find help. She slips outside and runs onto her patio and around the side of her house. She reaches the gate and realizes that with her elbows pinned together behind her back there is no way she can reach the latch high up on the fence. She desperately tries anyway stretching her hands up as high as they can reach but comes up short. She then tries to reach it with her nose stretching her limber body up as far as she can to try to release the latch. But then she hears the brute coming up behind her, she is trapped, there is no where to run. She cowers in terror against the gate as he grabs her and tosses her up onto his shoulder and carries her back into the house. Once back inside he drops her onto the sofa and pulls out more ropes. Vicky sobs and cries in defeat as he crosses her slender ankles over each other and ties them tightly together. Her wrists are then slapped together and ropes are wound around her wrists fusing her arms completely together from her wrists to elbows. He isn't finished as he ties a rope from her crossed ankles to her wrists and brutally hogties her. He moves her from the sofa to the floor and leaves. Vicky rolls around helplessly on the floor, the brutal ropes cutting deep into her flesh, there is no escape. Then the fiend returns to find her helplessly hogtied at his feet. He has a satin sash in his hands and tells her that she is more trouble then she is worth and he has come to do a job. Vicky screams in terror as he snaps the sash around her throat and saws it slowly across her throat. She is helpless to stop him as he pulls the sash tightly around her throat.

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