Tight cinched ziptie challenge

131 photos; 14:20 video

~Carmen Valentina~

bondage, DiD, ziptie bondage, cable ties, shiny, vinyl leggings, over the knee boots, shiny PVC, tied up. gagged girl, cleave gag, cinched zipties, struggling, crotch ziptied, hogtied, BDSM


Curvy Carmen struggles on the sofa with her gloved wrists ziptied behind her back. The thin shiny material of her gloves offer scant protection to her wrists as the hard nylon ziptie is cinched with another thin ziptie run between her bound wrists pulling all the slack out of the one binding her wrists. Her booted ankles and knees also fused together with more cinched ziipties. She moans through the tight cloth gag pulled tightly between her lips. She rolls around helpless pulling at her restraints but there is no escape. The Hunter comes in with even more zipties and pushes her back on the sofa and grabs her booted legs and begins to add more zipties around her lower legs. He tightens three more zipties just below her knees, then around her calves before cinching each of them with another thin ziptie between her bound legs. He rolls her over and wraps a long ziptie around her upper thighs, just below her ample ass and then cinches this one tight. Carmen cries out as the ziptie around her upper tights bites deep into the thin spandex fabric of her shiny leggings. He moves her to her floor and wraps anotehr ziptie around her arms and chest, fusing her arms to her back. Another zipties is wrapped around her belly and forearms and pulled tight pinning her gloves hands to her ass. Carmen begs and cries through her gag that that is enough but he still has more zipties. The Hunter runs a ziptie down between her legs and around the ziptie around her belly and forearms then pulls it tight. The tight nylon zipties bites deep into her spandex covered crotch cleaving her pussy in two. Carmen is rolled onto her belly and another zipties is tightens around the foot of her boot. Then he bends her curvy legs and runs a last ziptied between her bound booted feet to her wrists and pulls her into a secure hogtie. He drops the scissors on the floor to taunt her and leaves her alone to struggle for the scissors in the painfully tight hogtie

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