Buxom redhead left frogtied and noosed on her knee points

29 photos; 10:09 video

~Andrea Ruso~

bondage, DiD , red head, big tits, blindfold, struggling, on screen gagging, cleave gagged, rope, high heels, tied elbows, elbows, frog tied, upskirt, crotch roped, BDSM


Busty redhead Andrea is pushed to the floor in the lair by the Hunter. She is totally blind with vet wrap wrapped tightly over her eyes and around her head and with her elbows welded completely together behind her back she is helpless as a kitten. She begs and pleads with the Hunter not knowing what he has in store for her. She is too frightened to stand up and even if she were to get to her feet she is totally blind and armless and would have no idea on where to go or where to hide. She hears him return and screams when he pushes her over onto her belly. Andrea continues to beg and cry as she feels the ropes wrap around one of her ankles. He pulls her foot up to her ass and wraps ropes around her thigh and ankle pinning one of her legs in a cruel frog tie. He pulls her huge tits out of her dress and leaves her again begging and pleading on the floor. She is really helpless now and there is no way to get up off the floor even if she wanted to. Once again she hears him return, he pulls her up onto her knees and her to open her big mouth. Andrea feels her mouth fill with an old cotton rag then he pulls more vet wrap to gag her with. He pulls the wrap tightly between her lips the rag in her mouth to pack tightly as spreading her jaws. He only then removes her blindfold and she can see she is kneeling in a scary old warehouse. Andrea watches in horror as he pulls a around her throat then attaches the to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. She screams, begs and cries into her gag as he begins to crank the winch on the wall pulling the tighter and tighter around her throat. She is to go up onto her knees as the rope stretches her neck and she begins to choke. The Hunter finally stops and leaves her struggling on her knees. She can hear him but can't see him moving around behind her and then she feels as he binds her wrists tightly together. A rope is tied around her waist then pulled down between her legs and buried deep into her red satin panties splitting her pussy in two. The crotch rope is feed between her bound wrists and he pulls the rope tight pinning her hands to her ample ass. The rope is then feed back down between her legs and tied off at her belly. He leaves poor Andrea bound, gagged and noosed struggling on her knees not to choke. She is left to her cruel fate. 

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