He left the curvy banker brutally hogtied on the hard concrete floor

73 photos; 9:04 video


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Down in the basement GiGi screams into her gag hoping to attact attention from the outside world. But her muffled screams barely fill the cold dank basement. Her shoulders scream in agony from being pulled back for so long, the fiend had tied her elbows competely together with ropes. She could feel the tight ropes wrapped down her arms from the top of her elbows to her wrists. Her toned muscular legs were also tightly bound together with ropes. She pulled and struggles with the ropes as she screamed for help. But there was no one to hear her muffled screams but her fiendish . He came in to check on her to insure her gag was still tied tightly in place and to check to see that the ropes were still tightly tied. But GiGi kicked at him with her steel stiletto heels which did nothing put piss him off. He grabbed her and pulled her off the chair and laid her on her belly on the cold hard concrete floor. GiGi tried to kick him again but missed. She watched as he walked out of range and picked up more ropes. GiGi rolled on the floor in a febble attempt to escape. But there was no where to go as he returned with the ropes. He kicked at her pushing her over with his foot to roll her over onto her belly. He then tied the rope around her shoulders and chest and pulled her feet up and back to her wrists. GiGi could feel him attach the chest ropes to her bound feet and then pulled them bow string tight until her stiletto heels were pressed to her bound hands. He finished tying off the hogtie and walked back up stairs. GiGi was totally screwed now and totally helpless. She was tied so tightly that she could barely roll over. She screamed and sobbed into her gag at the indignity and the angony of the brutally tight ropes.

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