Horrific speaker wire torment

82 photos; 16:13 video

~Fire Foxx~

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Curvy redhead Fire Foxxx is pushed into the garage by the Hunter. Her arms are twisted up behind her head with her wrists bound together with speaker wire at the back of her neck. More tight speaker wire cuts deep into the flesh of her arms pinning her arms back. Her mouth is tightly packed and duct tape has been wrapped over her mouth and around her head to keep her quiet. He pushes her up against the wall and attaches a hook hanging down from an overhead chain to the wire wrapped around her elbows. He pulls it up tight her up onto her toes. He then ties another wire around her waist and down between her legs pulling the thin wire deep into her pussy and ass. Her ankles are then tight tied together with more wire. He grabs a thin rope and attaches it to the wire running through her crotch then pulls the rope up tight attaching the other end of it to the chain attached to her arms. Fire Foxxx is to arch her back to as the wire cuts deep into her pussy and ass. He leaves her hanging there in torment moaning and crying into her gag. He returns and lowers the chain her onto her knees. He retightens the chain then attaches another wire to her ankles and pulls her feet off the floor her to kneel on the hard concrete floor on her knee points. Fire Foxxx's body is pushed to her limits and she doesn't think she can take much more when he pulls out some nipple clamps. She screams into her gag as he attaches the nipple clamps to her exposed tits and wraps the chain between her clamps around the rope attached to the wire pulled through her crotch. Her poor nipples are stretched and pulled tightly around the rope. He leaves her there to suffer on her knees in the brutally tight wire bondage.

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