Left to struggle in an evil spreaker wire hogtie

94 photos; 9:02 video

~Rachel Adams~

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Hapless Rachel struggling on the sofa cruelly bound with thin evil speaker wire. The thin wire slices deep into her biceps and wrists crushing her forearms and elbows tightly together behind her back. She looks down to see more wire cutting deep into stockings around her ankles and knees. Her mouth is dry and parched with a big rag jammed deep in her mouth held in place with white elastic bandage pulled deep between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head. She rolls around on the sofa pulling at the cruel wire but there is no escape and no slack in the wire. She rolls off the sofa and onto the floor with the intent of crawling to the door to find help. But she doesn't get very far before the Hunter returns with more wire. Rachel looks up with tearful pleading eyes but he ignores her pleas and ties more wire tightly around her forearms then around her waist and wrists pinning her hands to her ass. The wire is then run down between her legs and buried deep in her lacy blue panties. The thin fabric of her panties offer no protection as the wire slices deep into her pussy. He runs the end of the wire up between the wire around her belly then back down between her legs and buried deep in her pussy. The wire is pulled bowstring tight then tied to the wire wrapped around her stiletto heels. He pulls her feet back in a cruel hogtie so the tension of her bent legs keeps the wire pulled deep inside her pussy. Rachel sobs and cries through her gag as she realizes that any movement of her feet causes the wire to slice deeper into her pussy. The Hunter leaves his hapless captive struggling on the floor helplessly bound, gagged and hogtied her evil spreaker wire bound hell.

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