Haughty boss begs to suck his cock in exchange for her freedom

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Haughty business woman Slyyy decided conduct a suprise inspection of one of her warehouses on the weekend. She didn't really trust her building manager and wanted to see for herself that everything was in order. She parks her car and sees one of the warehouse employee's sweeping in front of the building. Slyyy struts past him hoping that he doesn't try to engage her in conversation. The man stop sweeping and Slyyy rolls her eyes knowing what is coming. She turns as he complements her appearance, dressed in a tight satin blouse, short pink leather skirt and matching boots she knows that she is hot but she doesn't need to be ogled by some lowlife minimum wage employee. She turns and berates the poor man, putting him in his place for daring to even talk to her. She tells him that she is his boss and he will treat her with respect and deference. She turns on her heels and struts into the building annoyed and making a mental not to have the creep fired. Still perturbed all she can think about is the satifaction of confronting the building manager about her encounter with his man. She opens the door to the back room when suddenly she is grabbed by a hooded intruder. He grabs her around the neck and clamps his other hand around her mouth and clamps it down firm to keep her from calling for help. He warns her to keep quiet and no one will get hurt. Slyyy is terrified and complies as he pulls out a roll of white elastic bandage and pulls it between her teeth. He wraps it around her head to gag her. Slyyy is then pushed up against a wall as her arms are pulled behind her back. She sobs, begs and cries through her gag as she feels ropes being wrapped around her biceps. Slyyy grunts in surprise and pain as her elbows are slammed together behind her back and the ropes are wrapped and cinched around her elbows. She feels completely helpless and vunerable with her elbows kissing and bound behind her back, her big tits are pushing against the thin fabric of her satin blouse as her shoulders are pulled sharply back. The intruder then ties and cinches her wrists tightly together behind her back. With her arms tightly bound and helpless she sees her tits straining against her satin blouse. She begs and cries as he slowly unbuttons her blouse and pulls and fondles her big tits. He then orders her to sit on a nearby rough wooden pallet. Slyyy sobs and cries through her gag as her booted ankles are tied tightly together. He orders her to slide back to a wooded post where he ties a ropes around her neck and tethers her neck to the post. He looks down at his helpless captive and tells her that he needs to finish his work but will return later for some quality time with her. Slyyy watches helplessly from the floor as the hooded brutes leaves. Slyyy pulls desperately at the ropes but the knots are too tightly tied, there is no hope of escape. She twists turns and kicks with her bound legs but it is hoplessly there is no slack in any of the ropes. Then she hears the main door open and turns to see a man standing in the door. The bright sun blinds her but when the door closes she can see it is the same employee that she just berated in the parking lot. She cries out through her gag for help and watches as he walks over to her. Slyyy begs and pleads with her eyes for help but he just squats next to her ogling her big lucious tits. Slyyy doesn't care at this point she just wanted to be freed of the horrid ropes. The man gets bolder and reach out to touch then fondle her big tits then reaches down between her legs and feels her pussy. Slyyy continues to sob and cry through her gag then he reaches up and pulls the gag out of her mouth. Slyyy begs her to please untie her, she will do anything to be untied. The man scratches his chin as in deep thought. Slyyy promises him that she will do anything he wants just please untie her. She is so desperate to be freed that she can't believe the words coming out of her mouth as she offers him a blowjob for her freedom. The man stands up and pulls his big cock out of his pants. Slyyy begs him to untie her first but he insists on getting his reward first because he doesn't trust her. She realizes that she has no options and opens her warms moist mouth inviting his big cock inside. She coughs and gags as his cock is thrust deep down her throat. The rope around her throat doesn't give her head much freedom of movement so he unites her neck from the post and tells her to get on her knees like a proper slut. Slyyy struggles to get on her knees then sits on her heels with her arms still helplessly bound behind her back she opens her mouth. The man grabs her head and begins to face fuck her as Slyyy coughs and gags on his cock. She can feel his cock swell and throb deep in her throat and knows that he is ready to cum. He explodes down her throat shooting his hot load down her throat as she coughs and gags. He withdraws his cock, drool and cum rolls down her chin and chest as she begs him to please untie the ropes. But he grabs the gag hanging around her throat and pulls it up and puts it back between her lips. He then informs her that he has changed his mind, he is going to get the rest of the crew and bring them back so that she can service each and everyone then she can earn her freedom. Slyyy looks on in disbelief as he leaves her bound, gagged and helpless in the warehouse alone and at the mercy of the intruder when he returns.

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