Brutally hogtied hottie

1 photos; 15:13 video

~Carissa Montgomery~

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Grabbed from behind by an intruder, busty blond Carissa Montgomery is pulled to the floor by the hulking masked thug. He pins her arms to her side between his legs with her head between his thighs. He stuffs a pair of socks into her mouth then wraps duct tape tightly around her head sealing the gag in tight. Carissa''s eyes show terror as he pulls rope out of his deep pockets and shows her the ropes. She cries into her gag as he explains that he plans on tying her up tight and keeping her as his play toy for the weekend. He pulls her arms behind her back and wraps the ropes around her arms above her elbows. Carissa can feel her elbows kiss together behind her back as the rope coils constrict around her upper arms, she feels helpless as her freedom is taken. He pushes her to the floor onto her belly and pulls her ankles together and wraps ropes around her slender ankles, tying her high heels pumps to her feet and her ankles tightly together. Pulls one of her tits out of her tight silk blouse to get a good look at his prize. He then goes to get more ropes and she is left flailing around helplessly on the floor. He returns and rolls her over onto her back and ties her knees tightly together. Next ropes are tied around her wrists then he sits on the carpet by her and pulls her up onto his lap. He pulls her other tit out of her silk top and mauls her while she screams and cries into her gag. But there is nothing she can do to prevent him from grabbing and feeling her up. He rolls her back onto the carpet and goes to check the house. He returns shortly with more rope and ties a long rope around her waist and then pulls the end of the rope down between her legs. He buries the rope deep onto her spandex pants making sure that the tight rope give her camel toe. Then the crotch rope is fed betweeen her bound wrists and down to her heels. He feeds the rope between her heels and pulls her feet up to her firm ripe ass. Carissa is left brutally hogtied on the floor while he goes to get a cold drink. He returns with his cold drink and torments poor helpless Carissa with the cold condensation covered bottles rubbing it on her tits and belly as she screams, cries and begs into her gag. He then pulls her close to the sofa and uses her as a foot rest as he enjoys his cold beverage. Carissa sobs and cries absolutely helpless fearing what he plans to do with her next.

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