Pretty secretary won't be making it to work tomorrow (MP4 HD 14000kbps)

82 photos; 15:06 video

~Madalynn Raye~

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Leggy secretary Madalynn opens her door after a long day at work unaware of the terror that awaits on the other side of the door. As she steps inside she is grabbed from behind, she tries to scream but a calloused hand is clamped tightly over her mouth. The brute lifts her off her feet and drags her over to the living room. He pushes her to the floor with her back against the sofa and he locks her arms to her sides with her strong legs. He removes his hand but before Madalynn and let out a scream he stuffs a large rag deep into her mouth. She kicks and wriggles trying to break free but he is too powerful so her struggles are futile. After stuffing her mouth full he wraps duct tape tightly around her head sealing the gag in tight. He pulls out some rope and shows it to her telling her he plans on tying her up tight with all that rope. Madalynn redoubles her efforts to break free and slips from between his legs, but she doesn't get far as he climbs on top of her and pins her to the floor. He pulls her arms behind her back and wraps ropes around her elbows and pulls then tightly together. Madalynn can feel her poor elbows kiss together behind her back as he wraps the ropes around her arms cinching them tight. She continues to kick and scream into her gag as he turns to grab her ankles. Soon her ankles and calves are tightly bound together and he gets up for a breather. Madalynn struggles on the floor trying to crawl away but can get far. He drags her back and ties her wrists tightly together then more rope is looped around her shoulders and then down her back to her bound wrists. He pulls her wrists up to the small of her back which her elbows to jut out from her back in a brutal chicken wing. She lays helplessly on the floor as he sorts through more rope and ties a rope around her waist and then down between her legs and up into her crotch. Madalynn feels that the ropes are going to cut her in two as he ties them off. He pulls her feet up to her ass and running ropes from her ankles to her elbows brutally hogties her. Now totally helpless she can barely even roll around, he picks her up onto her knee points and torments and scares her by pretending to let her go and fall onto her face only to catch her before she hits the floor. She screams in terror as he laughs, he then drags her over to the sofa and leans her chest up on the cushions with her knees still on the floor. Madalynn is left helpless perched on the side of the sofa afraid to move.

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