Breast cuffed and steel bound orgasms

105 photos; 11:34 video

~Lexi Lane~

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi is visiting the Hunter to get her fill of bound orgasms. She loves being helplessly restrained and then turning over control of her hot horny body to the Hunter so he can taunt, tease and play with her until she has explosive orgasms. She starts the session sitting on a low stool with her arms locked together behind her back in steel handcuffs. Her elbows are pulled closed and cuffed together and her wrists are cuffed and chained to the floor behind her. Her steel bound arms are draped over a padded steel pipe and a big red ballgag is jammed between her teeth. Lexi's pussy is already dripping wet from feeling the tight steel cuffs biting deep into her flesh. She pulls at the steel cuffs knowing that it just makes her pussy wetter and wetter. Finally the Hunter returns and pushes her legs apart and locks legs shackles to her booted ankles then tethers her ankles to the side of the steel pipe frame. Lexi now kneels on the floor with her ass still on the low stool and her legs spread wide. She wants to cum so bad now but the Hunter isn't finished, he knows that if he binds her breasts her orgasm will be even more intense. He pulls her tits out of her tiny crop top and wraps the jaws of a set of handcuffs around the base of her breast and clamps them tight. The cold hard steel sliced deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits, causing them to swell and bulge. He then grabs another set of handcuffs and locks them over her already swollen breast and tighten them around her tits. Lexi loves the way her breast swell up and throb when tightly bound. She begs and moans through her gag as he pulls out the wand vibrator she wants so desperately to cum now. But he takes his time taunting and teasing her pussy and clit with the vibrator. Lexi moans through her gag as she pushes her pussy up begging from an orgasm. The Hunter keep taunting and teasing her until her eyes roll back in her head then he allows her to cum. Lexi pulls at the steel cuffs as she orgasms hard, biting down on her ball gag her brain turning to jello. Once her orgasm subsides the Hunter pulls her panties aside and pushes the head of the vibrator inside her panties against her naked pussy. He fixing her panties so that they hold the vibrator in place and leaves her alone to suffer through mulitple steel bound orgasms.

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