Wicked chair tie

95 photos; 13:58 video

~Fire Foxx~

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Sexy redhead Fire Fox is lead blindfolded into the Hunter's garage by her bound wrists. He her to sit in a chair and stuffs a large shop rag deep into her mouth then he wraps duct tape tightly around her head and then removes her blindfold. Before Fire Fox can react to seeing again he pulls her wrists back behind her head and ties her wrists to the back of her neck and anchors then to the back of the chair. The Hunter ties ropes around each of her ankles and pulling her ankles back to the side of the chair he binds her ankles to the chair legs spreading her legs apart. Helpless to fight back she watches as he ties a brutally tight crotch rope between her legs. He then wraps ropes around her chest separating her tits then grabs some thin speaker wire and ties her poor tits with the wire. He wraps the wire tightly around the base of her tits causing them to bulge and swell. Fire Fox cries into her gag looking down at her poor tits as the start to turn colors. She watches as he then runs a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches one end of the chain to her crotch rope. The Hunter then pulls down on the other end of the chain Fire Fox's hips and ass off the chair and causing her back to arch up, she screams and cries into her gag as the rope cuts deep into her pussy and ass. She can't even take some of her weight onto her feet since her tied then so far back she could only touch the floor with her toes. She moans and cries in agony trying desperately for find a way to take some of her weight off her crotch rope. The Hunter returns with a pair of nipple clamps and attaches them to her poor tits. He attaches a short bungie cord to the clamps and pulls them tight to the chain attached to her crotch rope. Fire Fox begs and cries into her gag praying for her suffering to end. 

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