Prom girl tied up by the deranged Momma to her boy's cock

103 photos; 13:05 video

~Lexi Lane~ 

with ~Gigi~

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Matt doesn't have a date for the prom since he is the weird nerd that nobody liked at school.  Since none of the girls wanted to go with her boy his overly protective Momma, Gigi, decides to  take some motherly intervention to help him.  She grabs one of the pretty young prom girls as she finishes dressing and brings her home.  She tied the girl so tight that poor thing's arms bound like an encased sausage in a cruel chicken wing and lots of ropes. Lexi's arms are fused together and completely helpless behind her back. Her legs are fused together with more rope under her beautiful long prom gown.  Gigi wanted Matt to be stunned by her beauty, so she spends some time putting makeup on the poor bound girl.  Poor Lexi Lane is scared and helpless, bound and gagged by the crazy woman and she giggles nervously through her ballgag.  Gigi stands the bound girl up and helps her hop on her bound stiletto heels into the bedroom.  She calls out for Matt and he helps get her to her knees on the floor.  Matt is thrilled by his gift this is just what he always dreamed of.  Gigi is thrilled that her boy is happy.  They unbuckle her ballgag and pry open her ripe little mouth.  Lexi breathes a sigh of relief thinking she will be freed, but instead Matt slowly unzips his pants and pulls his cock out.  Gigi grabs her by the head and pushes it down onto his cock as Matt jams it in to Lexi's warm, moist mouth pushing his cock up and down while while Gigi sings Love is in the Air.  Poor Lexi looks at Gigi like she is completely insane, but she is so frightened by the two nuts that she continues to suck his cock.  Gigi pushes her head down to his balls making her deep throat his cock as the sweet girl chokes and gags with drool flowing down her face.  Gigi only wants her Matt to be happy and he seems to be very pleased with Lexi until she decides to become bitchy and complain telling him to hurry up.  Gigi tells the girl "Oh no babydoll you are far from done.  Gag on my Matt's cock you bitch!"  She lays back on the bed and presses her high heel into her back of her head to continue servicing him.  Finally Matt explodes in her mouth. Gigi grabs the ballgag and stuffs it into the girl's mouth before she can spit out his cum. She gags her again and Matt lifts her onto the bed.  Gigi then ties poor Lexi into a tight hogtie and tells her to wait while takes Matt out to rent a nice tux.  Lexi is left sobbing and struggles on the bed in panic knowing that there is no way to escape from this insanity.

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