The Mad Tea Party

75 photos; 10:19 video

~Roxie Rae~ 

with ~Gigi & Sarah Diavola~

bondage, DiD, cradle carry, shiny, high heels, glamour evening gowns, shoulder length opera gloves, upskirt, rope, tied elbows, ball gagged, kissing, on screen gagging, struggling, ballgag kisses, hand over mouth, BDSM 


Tiny blonde Roxie Rae moans through her gag as she tries to clear her head of the fog. She has no idea where she is or how she got here. Roxie tries to think back to the last thing she remembers ... she was at the auto show modeling in front of new cars. There was an annoying busty brunette and her step-mother pushing through the crowd trying to monopolize Roxie's attention. Roxie managed to get away to the dressing room to touch up her makeup and she vaguely remembers seeing the older woman in the mirror just as the needle stung her in the ass .... Roxie screams but her screams are muffled by the large ball gag stuffed between her lips. She pulls her arms and discovers that they are cruelly bound behind her back in tight ropes. Ropes crush her elbows tightly together behind her back and ropes fuse her wrists together, the thin fabric of her satin gloves affords her little protection from the biting ropes. She hears sounds of two women laughing in the other room and hears two women approach, she looks up to see the two crazy misfits from the auto show wearing cocktail dresses walking towards her carrying a tea set. They sit on the couch with poor bound & gagged Roxie sandwiched between them. Roxie begs and cries through her gag as as the two crazy women laugh and giggle in insane happiness. Sarah calls Roxie her new doll and caresses as the older women tells her that they brought her home so Sarah could have a personal friend. Roxie realizes that Sarah is a lunatic and has recently been released from the mental hospital and Sarah's Step-Mommy is just as crazy! The older women treats her grown up step-daughter like a little girl. Roxie struggles in the ropes desperately trying to get away from them, but she is too tightly bound and there is no escape. Roxie looks at them in disgust. the older woman unstraps her ball gag and pulls it out from between Roxie's teeth while Sarah pours imaginary  tea from the kettle into a cup. Ungagged now, Roxie is pissed off and demands to be untied, cursing and swearing. The older woman clamps her hand over Roxie mouth while Sarah scolds Roxie for her foul language. Sarah leaps up to get some soap to wash Roxie's mouth out. She shoves the soap into Roxie mouth and Roxie coughs and chokes on the soap as Sarah seals her hand over mouth to keep her from spitting it out. Sarah tires of Roxie's insults and stuffs the ball gag back between Roxie's teeth strapping it in tightly. They make Roxie to stand up to pose and model telling her that she will be Sarah new best friend and we plan on keeping her forever. Roxie begs and cries into her gag trying to reason with with the two crazy women, but she realizes that they are two deranged women treating her like a doll and not a real girl. They delight in taking turns giving her ballgag kisses and hugging her tightly bound body. They push Roxie to the floor sitting on her hip leaving poor Roxie bound, gagged and helpless. Roxie continues to struggle in the ropes as the two crazy women leave to go shopping, but there is no escaping the brutal ropes. She has to try to escape before the two nut jobs return.

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