Busty blond left brutally hogtied

118 photos; 16:02 video

~Rachel D. Dee~

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Buxom blond Rachel is cradle carried into the living room by the Hunter. She hangs like a rag doll in his arms as he dumps her onto the sofa. The Hunter works quickly to secure his prize before she awakens. A rag is stuffed into her mouth then he wraps duct tape tightly over her mouth and around her head sealing the gag in tight. He flips Rachel's body over onto her belly and pulls her elbows together behind her back. Ropes are wrapped tightly around her elbows crushing them tightly together before binding her slender wrists tightly together. He ties a rope around her tiny waist then pulls the rope down between her legs and buries it deep in her crotch. He feeds the crotch rope between her bound wrists then pulls it back down between her legs pinning her bound hands to her ass. Rachel begins to stir as he wraps ropes around her ankles and binds them tightly together. The Hunter looks down at his bound and helpless prey and can't resist pulling her tits out of her tight halter top before heading off to await her awakening. Rachel moans into her gag as she fights off the fog in her head. She can feel the brutally tight ropes that cut deep into her flesh as she attempts to move her arms. Adrenaline kicks in and clears her head as she struggle to sit up. She looks down at her helplessly bound body wondering what the fuck is going on here. She struggles off the sofa and onto her knees but her arms are totally useless with her hands pinned to her ass by the crotch rope and every time she moves she pulls the crotch rope deeper into her pussy. She attempts to crawl on her knees but doesn't get very far at all before the Hunter returns. He looks down at he lovely prize and as she struggles helplessly in the ropes. He pulls more rope out of his pocket and hogtied her on her knees. He sits on the sofa and pulls her head into his lap and gropes and squeezes her big tits before leaving again. Rachel struggles on her knees barely able to move for fear of falling over onto the floor. The Hunter comes back once again and lays her on the floor and leaves her alone to struggle sobbing and crying into her gag.

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