Hot Latiina coed left hanging by her boots

22 photos; 13:30 video

~Chichi Medina~

bondage, DiD , struggling, Latina, on screen gagging, duct tape gag, rope bondage, shiny, boots, tied elbows, upskirt, upside-down suspension, crotch rope, BDSM


Petite Latina coed Chichi is pushed ahead of the Hunter to a steel work table. Her elbows are crushed together behind her back and bound in white ropes and his hand is pressed firmly over her mouth to keep her quiet. He removes his hand only long enough to stuff a large rag into her mouth then pulls out a roll of duct tape and wraps it tightly around her head covering her mouth from chin to nose. He lifts her up onto the table top laying on her belly and pulls her booted ankles together. Chichi can feel her ankles being bound tightly together in rope. Her hands flail about uselessly until he ties them together at her wrists. Chichi is then rolled over onto her back with her head and arms hanging over the edge of the table with her bound arms under the table. He lift her feet up and attaches them to a rope he pulls down from an overhead eyebolt. She screams into her gag as her legs are then lifted high in the air until her ass is lifted off the table. Then to her horror the Hunter pulls the table out from under her and she hangs upside-down from her boots with her head a few inches from the floor. Chichi moans and groans into her gag as her entire weight is now supported from her ankle ropes. Her plaid skirt falls down revealing her pretty pink lacy panties. The Hunter then ties another rope around her waist at her belly and pulls that rope up between her bound legs. The crotch rope splits her pussy in two and is then pulled down and feed between her bound wrists. He pulls the rope tight pinning her hands to her ass and then runs the rope back up between her pussy lips and ties it off at her belly. He leaves pretty Chichi hanging helplessly by her boots with her world turned upside-down. She struggles to lift her head but only causes the rope between her pussy to dig in deeper. She is totally helpless and disoriented with no chance of escape or rescue.

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