Haughty wife tied up & forced to suck cock to pay off his gambling debts

~Nadia White~

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Hot busty Nadia was super excited about finally getting her degenerate gambler husband to take her out. She couldn't remember the last time she got to get dressed up and go club hopping. At her husbands suggestion she decided to dress in her tightest sluttiest clothes. She enters the room wearing super shiny stiletto over the knee boots, skin tight spandex leggings and a super tight shiny halter top that barely contained her big tits. Nadie gives a little dance before noticing that he was still dressed in his jeans and t-shirt watching sports on the TV. Nadia's mood immediately changed from happy to angry as she marches over to him sitting on the sofa. She begins to swear and berate him as she demands he gets dressed. He looks up to tell her that there is a change in plans, he has people coming over. Nadia about lost her mind as was so angry now, there was no way she was going to entertain his degenerate gambling buddies tonight. She turns on her heels to storm out of the room telling him that she was done and she wanted a divorce. But before she could take a step she feels a jolt of electricity shoot through her body and hears the sound of a handheld tazer. Her poor brain short circuits and her knees buckles, Nadia falls to the floor stunned. she begins to recover and tries to crawl away when he presses the tazer back into her flesh and gives her another longer jolt then Nadia's world goes black.


When Nadia begins to recover later she lays on the floor confused and still a bit dazed. She opens her eyes and tries to reach up to rub her head but her arms won't cooperate. She looks down at her legs and sees her booted ankles and knees are tightly bound together with rope. She pulls at her arms and feels the tight ropes biting deep into biceps and wrists. Her poor elbows are so tightly bound that they rub together behind her back. Nadia lifts her head and begins to swear and curse at her husband again. She demands that he untie her immediately or she is going to have him arrested. She turns to see the bastard sitting on the sofa smiling as she struggles helplessly on the floor. He then informs her that he has run up a huge gambling debt and he decided to use her to payoff his debt. His bookie knew he had a smoking hot wife and they made a deal that they would wipe out his debt in exchange for poor Nadia. Nadia screams at him demanding that he untie her now but instead of coming to her aid he pulls a torn sheet out of his pocket and pulls it deep between her lips and ties it behind her head. Nadia screams and curses into her gag but her screams are muffled by the tight gag. Nadia is still struggling helplesly bound and gagged on the floor when a well dress woman arrives excorted by her body guard. she hands her loser husband a wad of cash and he bids then farewell, he is off the Vegas. Then pulls Nadia up onto her knees and the woman tells her that it is time to prove her worth. She removes Nadia's gag and has her henchman pull out his cock. Nadia begs and protests but there is nothing she can do as the woman pushes her head into the man's crotch. His trobbing cock drives deep in her throat, Nadia coughs and gags on his cock and hears the woman order her to suck it good. Helplessly bound, gagged and terrified Nadia realizes she has no choice and begins to suck and lick the man's cock. She struggles to keep her balance on her knees so the woman grabs her by the hair and tells the man to take a seat. Nadia continues to suck and swallow his cock and then feels the stiletto heel of the woman's shoe press into the back of her neck. She coughs and gags as his cock is driven deep into her throat. She keeps sucking until the woman finally tells her to stop, she picks up the gag and pulls it back between her lips and ties it behind her head. She tells her henchman to go get the van to haul their price back to the casino where she will be earning her keep.

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