She loved her first super strict bondage experience

~Mia Hope~

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Pretty Mia sits on the sofa nervously waiting on the Hunter. She really wanted to experience true helplessness and strict rope bondage and heard that he was good at rendering pretty girls completely helpless. The Hunter comes in with some rope and Mia gets up excited to feel his ropes on her willing body. He ties her wrists tightly together behind her back and has her test the ropes. Mia smiles big feeling the ropes biting deep in her wrists. He tells her to take a seat and she watches as her booted knees then ankles are tightly tied. With her legs fused tightly together and her hands bound behind her back he leaves her alone to settle into the ropes. Mia describes her feeling for the ropes and is really excited to have her elbows bound together for her first time. The Hunter comes back in with more rope, kneels her on the floor and wraps the rope around her biceps. Mia's eyes go big and she smiles as she feel her elbows kiss beind her back. She feels so helpless now and loves it, he pushes her back to the sofa and leaves her alone sitting on the sofa as she describes how good she feels to be completely helpless. He 


comes back with a stocking ballgag and tells her to open wide. Mia greedily opens her mouth and she is tightly gagged with the stocking. He moves her to the floor and attaches a rope between her bound stiletto heels then the rope is run between her tightly bound wrists. She grunts into her gag as he pulls the ropes bowstring tight pulling her into a strict hogtie. The Hunter cinches the ropes and pulls her up onto her knee points. Mia's eyes go big in terror as he demonstrates just how helpless she is before lowering her to the floor and leaves her to struggle in the super strict hogtie. Mia moans with joy feeling completely helpless as she rolls around on the floor enjoying the feeling of the tight ropes biting deep into her flesh. The Hunter returns and frees her from her hogtie and removes her gag and leaves her arms and legs still fused together with the rope. Mia brain is euphoric as she describes her sensations of strict rope bondage.

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