Strappado terror in the dank creepy basement

~Autumn Bodell~

bondage, damsel in distress, high heels, upskirt, skin tight shiny dress, rope, tie elbows, hand over mouth, on screen gagging, tape gag, crotch rope, strappado, topless, struggling, BDSM


Leggy Autumn has been brought to the Hunter's creepy cellar with her arms fused together in ropes from her wrists to her elbows. She begs and pleads with him as he attaches her bound wrists to a rope hanging down from an eye bolt in the ceiling. Her arms are pulled up high behind her back then he clamps his hand over her nose and mouth and warns her to shut up. Autumn's eyes go wild over his hand as she struggles to breath. He finally removes his hand and as she sucks in her first breath of stale cellar air he stuffs a huge rag into her mouth. Then red tape is wrapped over her mouth and around her head sealing the gag deep in her mouth. He leaves her to struggling helplessly in the ropes hanging by her wrists. When he returns he forces her up onto a small block of wood. Autumn cries into her gag as she realizes that her stiletto heels hang over the edge of the block forcing her to stand on her toes. He then removes the slack from the strappado rope lifting her wrists up higher behind her back. Then to her horror he ties a rope around her ankles and crosses them before tying and cinching them tightly together. He then peels back the top of her skin tight dress and pulls her tits out of the dress. Autumn is left again to struggling on the wooden block trying to maintain her balance on he crossed ankles. The Hunter comes back once more with more rope and ties it around her slender waist. The rope is then pulled donw between her legs and buried deep in bikini panties, splitting her pussy in two. The end of the crotch rope is pulled up and tied to her bound arms so that as she struggles to keep her balance the crotch rope saws itself deep into her pussy and ass. Autumn sobs and cries into her gag as sweat streams down her face from the terror and stress of trying to keep her balance on the block.

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