Thank you sir, can I have another?

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~Kalypso Moon~

bondage, damsel in distress, corporal punishment, spanking, ass paddling, rope bondage, shiny, high heels, spandex leggings, gloves, ball gag, gagged girl, tied elbows, crushed elbows, caged girl, struggling, nipple clamps, strappado, BDSM


Petulant Kalypso waits nervously locked in a steel cage for the Hunter to return. Her elbows are welded together behind her back with ropes wrapped around her elbows and wrists. The ropes slice deep into her shoulder length shiny leather gloves and a big red ballgag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. The Hunter comes in with a handfull of spanking implements and chooses a leather riding crop then opens her cage. He orders her to come out and swats her with the crop to give her some encouragement. Kalypso is made to stand with her hips against a steel pipe as he ties her ankles tightly together. He pulls her tits out of her tiny crop top and attaches a set of steel nipple clamps to her exposed nipples. Kalypso grunts and sobs through her gag as her poor nipples are crushed in the clamp. A rope is tied to the chain between her clamps and run down to a ring mounted on the floor. He forces her to bend over the pipe as her nipples are tethered to the floor. Poor Kalypso can't see behind her but she can the sound and feel the crop brush past her ass as the Hunter taunts her by swinging the crop barely touching her shiny ass. He keeps up a light steady cropping before landing a heavy blow with the leather crop. Kalypso jerks on her poor crushed nipples as her ass is stung by the crop. She bites down on the ballgag willing herself to keep from jerking as he continues spanking with the crop. He then changes to a small leather double paddle and begins to spank her shiny wiggling ass with the paddle. Kalypso fights the urge to flinch to prevent her from pulling her poor crushed nipples. He then changes over to a heavier leather paddle and begins to taunt and punish her ass as she bites down on the ball gag refusing to flinch again. The Hunter ties another rope between her bound wrists and runs to rope up to an overhead pulley. He hoists her hands up high behind her back to prevent her from trying to block the paddles with her gloved hands. Then he shows her his wooden paddle, she begs and sobs through her gag knowing the pain the wooden paddle brings. He begins with a steady methodical light spanking with the wooden paddle. She braces herself not knowing when the real blow will land on her ass. Then suddenly he lands a solid blow with the paddle and she jerks her nipple clamps as her ass is stung by the paddle. She sceams and cries into her gag as the pain shoots through her ass and nipples. He comes around and removes her gag and allows her to catch her breath. He then tells her to beg for another. Tears flow down her cheeks as she manages to catch her breath. She knows that if she doesn't beg for more it will only get worse until she does. "Thank you sir, can I have another?" escapes her lips. The Hunter goes behind her and taunts her ass with the paddle before landing a full solid blow on her ass. Kalypso screams in pain as her body jerks and rips off the nipple clamps. Her poor throbbing nipples scream in pain and her ass is throbbing. He makes her thank him for the paddling and makes her beg for another. He gives her one final swat with the wooden paddle before freeing her elbows from the ropes. The Hunter then lifts the poor bound girl up onto his shoulder and carries her away swatting her throbbing ass with his hand as he walks out of the room.

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