Desperate chickenwinged hobble skirt escape attempt

~Whitney Morgan~

bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, hobble skirt, high heels, shiny, ball gag, gagged girl, tied elbows, crushed elbows, chicken wing, struggling, escape attempt, bound walking, hogtied, chicken wing hogtie, BDSM


Hot blonde Whitney moans into the big red ballgag jammed between her teeth as she struggles to open her eyes. Her brain is still foggy and numb from her slumber. She tries reach up to rub her head with her hands but hands won't cooperate. She then feels the ropes biting deep into her biceps and wrists and realizes that her arms are strictly bound behind her back. Her poor elbows kiss and jut out behind her back and her wrists are pulled up high and cinched just below her shoulder blades in a severe chicken wing. She struggles to sit up on the sof but it isn't easy with the tight hobble skirt hugging her shapely legs closely together. Whitney struggles to her feet and tries to walk but can only take short steps in the tight skirt. Whitney hobbles to the the nearest door and struggles with her bound hands to open the door. After a short struggle she manages to open the door and peers inside. She sees it is a bedroom so decides to find another door. She slowly hobbles over to the front door and can hear the sound of people going about their normal day outside unaware of her bound plight. Whitney struggles to open the door but with her hands so strictly tied she can't manage to unlock the deadbolt. She reluctantly decides she needs to find another way out. Whitney hobbles through the house searching for another door and finds a back door leading out to the pool. She struggles to get to the door and then fumbles with the door lock desperately trying to open the door. But this door is also locked tight and her time runs out as the Hunter catches her. He grabs her and marches her back to the sofa. Whitney is pushed down onto her knees and ties her ankles tightly together. Once her ankles are tightly bound he runs a rope from her bound stiletto heels to her tightly bound elbows. He then pulls the rope bowstring tight forcing poor Whitney to arch her back as her stiletto heels are pulled up close to her elbows. He leaves her alone to suffer and struggle helplessly chickenwing hogtied on the floor with no chance of escape.

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