Left in a cruel frogtied on her knee points

~Rachel Adams~

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Our hapless damsel Rachel pulls desperately at the ropes that fuse her arms together behind her back. Her poor elbows are tied so tied that they kiss behind her back and her slender wrists are bound and tethered to a steel pipe frame. Her booted legs are frogtied under her with her ankles tied to her thighs. She shoulder ache from being pulled and stretched in a strict strappado with her wrists tied to the overhead pipe. Her pitiful cries for help are muffled by the big red ballgag jammed between her teeth. The Hunter comes in a asks her if she wants to change position, Rachel sobs and cries through her gag, her shoulders are screaming in angony being twisted up so high behind her back. The Hunter frees wrists from the pipe as Rachel sighs in relief but her relief is short lived as he forces her to turn around and then ties her neck to the pipe forcing her to go up on her knee points. More ropes are tied around her booted knees then her legs are spread and her knees tethered to the side of the steel pipe frame. More ropes are wrapped around her narrow waist and forarms, pinning her arms to her spine. The ropes are cinched between her back and her forearms. The rope is then run down between her legs and bured deep in her pretty lace panties and then run up and tied between her bound wrists. Rachels arms are no totally useless to her about all she can move are her fingers. He booted legs are also totally immoblizied and with her throat tied to the pipe she can barely rock back and forth on her knee point trying to keep her balance.

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