Jerked up by her weighted crotch rope into a strict back arch


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Hot busty Slyyy struggles in the lair with her bound arms draped over a steel pipe frame. Her elbows are crushed together behind her back cinched in rope and her slender wrists are tied and pulled up and tied to her spine just below her shoulder blades. So her arms are helplessly bound in a strict chickenwing with the steel bar between her back and her arms so she can't get away. A big red ball gag has been jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. The Hunter returns with more rope and ties her slender ankles to the upright pipes of a lower frame. With her chickenwing bound arms draped over the upper bar and her long slender legs draped over the lower bar poor Slyyy is trapped. The Hunter ties another rope around her tiny waist then pulled the rope up between her legs and buries it deep in her tight shiny satin pink panties. The cruel crotch rope cleaves her pussy in two. Slyyy protest through her gag as he pulls her big tits out of her tiny shiny crop top. She watches in anxiously as he attaches a heavy steel chain to her crotch rope and then ties a gallon of paint to the other end of the chain. With the chain running up through an overhead pulley he places the heavy paint can on her knee and tells her to balance it. But Slyyy can't balance the can and it falls off. He then taunts and  teases her with the paint can in his hand threatening to drop it. Slyyy realizes that if the paint can falls free then it will jerk her crotch rope deep in her pussy. He continues to tease her then he drops the can. Slyyy screams into her gag in terror as the paint can fall toward the floor. He laughs at her terror knowing that the chain is too long and hits the floor before jerking the crotch rope. He then picks up the paint can and attaches a second can of paint to the chain and moves them both up the chain so that the next time he drops it it won't hit the floor. He continues to taunt and tease her with the paint can before letting them swing to the floor. Slyyy cries into her gag as she is forced to raise her hips in the air as the crotch rope slices deep in her pussy. But the chain is shorter now and the paint cans swing just a few inches off the floor. Slyyy stretches and arches her back desperately trying to get the swinging heavy cans of paint to rest on the floor but her struggles are in vain as she can't stretch enough. He leaves her alone to suffer as the swinging can cause the crotch rope to saw deeper into her pussy.

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