Curious about bondage

~Kalypso Moon~

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Pretty Kalypso is very curious about bondage, she's had some boyfriends tie her up before but none of then were very good at binding her in tight escape proof bondage. So she hear about the Hunter and decided to pay him a visit to experience real tight bondage for the first time. She enters the lair before the Hunter arrives and looks around at his cages, equipement, ropes and gags. A chill runs up her spine as she touches the rope in anticipation of feeling the ropes biting deep in her flesh. The Hunter arrives and begins to ask her about her experiences and things she likes and doesn't like. She tells her that she has been dreaming about extremely tight bondage and being helplessly bound and gagged. She tells him that a good spanking while helplessly bound and gagged would make her so wet. He grabs some rope and ties her wrists tightly together behind her back. Kalypso shutters in excitement feeling the ropes bite deep into her wrists. He has her walk around the room with her wrists tied as he grabs more rope. The Hunter grabs her wrists and pulls her hands to her side and give her shiny ass a few good swats. He then wraps the ropes around her upper arms and asks if she has ever had her elbows bound together before. She informs him that she has never had her elbows tied, he pulls the ropes forcing her elbows to kiss behind her back. Kalypos sighs in pleasure when she feels her elbows meet behind her back and the ropes sliced deep into her biceps. She smiles big as he attaches her bound wrists to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. She hears the sound of the electric motor and feels the ropes around her wrists tighten. Her hands are pulled up slowly in the air pulling and stretching her shoulders. She tells him that she has never felt so helpless. He turns off the electric winch and wraps ropes up her forearms to her elbows pressing her forearms tightly together. He then gives her ass another good hard spanking before asking if she has any final words before pulling black elastic bandage between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head. He grabs a spreader bar and ties her to her slender ankles, spreading her legs wide apart. Another rope is then tied around her tiny waist and pulled down between her legs. She gasps and moans into her gag as a rope is pulled down between her legs and buried deep in her wet lace panties. The crotch rope sliced deep into her wet pussy. The Hunter runs the end of the crotch rope to an eye bolt on the wall behind her. He pulls the rope tight forcing her to shuffle back, pulling and stretching her bound arms up higher behind her back and driving the crotch rope deeper into her pussy. He ties off the crotch rope leaving her helplessin immobilized in a strict strapapdo. Calypso moans and signs in pleasure as the crotch rope stimulates her sopping wet pussy.

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