Defiant redhead's brutal hairtied hogtie

~Fayth on Fire~

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Defaint redhead Fayth struggles on the sofa in her sexy shiny red over the knee boots tightly bound and ball gagged. Her wrists are tied behind her back and her booted legs are fused together bound with ropes cinched around her ankles and knees. A big red ball gag is jammed beteeen her teeth muffles her swearing and cursing. Fayth pulls desperately at the ropes, rolling off the sofa and onto the floor in her futile struggles to get free of the ropes. When the Hunter returns she swears at him in defiance as he weaves a rope into her long red hair. He tests the rope by pulling it high in the air forcing Fayth to scream and curse through her gag. He grabs more rope and wraps it around her biceps. Fayth begs and pleads through her gag then grunts in pain as he slams her elbows together behind her back. Fayth can feel her elbows kiss as the ropes slice deep into the sleeves of her blouse crushing her elbows together. Once her elbows are securely bound he rolls her back onto the floor. Fayth struggles on the floor but she can barely move now. He grabs the tail of the rope woven into her long redhair and runs it down between the stiletto heels of her sexy red boots. The ropes is run between the ropes wrapped under her heels and then he pulls it bowstring tight. Fayth head is pulled back by her hair, arching her neck severely. He ties the rope off to her heels and laughs. Fayth can now barely move as he grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her up onto her knee points. Fayth screams in terror through her gag as she stares straight up at the ceiling with her head arched severely back. He taunts and teases her by trying to balance her on her knee points before lowering her back to the floor. The Hunter asks if she is willing to submit now but Fayth is still defiant and swears at him through her gag. SO he leaves her alone to suffer in the brutal hairtied hogtie to break her spirit.

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