Busty Asian bimbo breast bound & cruelly hogtied

~Nyssa Nevers~

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Hot busty Asian Nyssa struggles on the sofa tighlty bound and ball gagged. Her gloved wrists are tightly bound behind her back with more rope cinching her booted ankles and knees tightly together. A big red ballgag is jammed between her teeth spreading her jaw painfully open. Nyssa pulls at the ropes and slips to the floor and attempts to crawl to the door. The Hunter comes in a stops her and drags her back to the sofa. He grabs more rope and wraps it tightly around her chest, arms and shoulders, framing her big tits in rope. Nyssa begs and protest through her gag as he pulls her big tits out of her tiny crop top. The Hunter cinches a rope between her big tits then begins to wrap the rope around one of her breasts. Nyssa cries through her gag as the rope sinks deep into the soft flesh around the base of her boob. He continues the wrap the rope around and around her breast, causing it to swell and bulge. He then begins to wrap the rope around her other breast, the rope slices deep into her breast as he wraps it around her around until both of her tits are swollen and throbbing. Nyssa struggles on the floor as he rolls her over onto her side. Another rope is tied between her bound ankles and run up between her bound wrists. He pulls the rope tight forcing her legs to bend into a stict hogtie. He threatens to roll her over onto her bound swollen tits and Nyssa begs in terror not wanting to lay on her bound throbbing tits. So the Hunter lifts her up onto her knees and leaves her kneeling on the floor trying to keep her balance. The Hunter taunts and teasers her before lying her back down on the floor. He leaves poor Nyssa struggling helplessly hogtied on the floor with her big tits throbbing and swollen in the tight ropes.

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