Ultra Girl countdown to crisis

80 photos; 17:04 video

~Whitney Morgan & Carissa Dumond~

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Carissa Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth-CD, is tracking down The Hunter to make him pay for his crimes. Meanwhile, Whitney Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth-MWM, is still the helpless bound captive of the evil Hunter. She XXXXs slumped in a chair totally exhuasted from day of brutally tight bondage.

Unbeknownst to Carissa Kelly the Hunter has tranported many UltraGirl's from around the universe to the universe of The Hunter's Lair where a trap awaits ...

Carissa arrives at the Lair and begins to investigate unware that her doppelganger Whitney is tightly bound, gagged and XXXXing in a chair inside the lair. Carissa creeps around the lair before finding a door that leads to where Whitney is being held. 

When she enters the lair Carissa is shocked and bewildered to see another Ultragirl cruelly bound and gagged in the chair. She rushes over to Whitney and gently slaps her face to wake her up. Whitney moans into her gag and slowly opens her eyes to see another Ultragirl standing over her. Carissa pulls the gag out from between Whitney's lips and begins to asks questions like 'who did this to you' and 'why are you dressed like me' Whitney wastes no time trying to explain to the new girl. She has to warn her about the danger. She tells Carissa to flee before it is too late but Carissa refuses to leave the poor girl so cruelly bound in the chair. She begins to untie the knots while Whitney protests and tries to convince her doppelganger to flee. But it is too late as the Hunter creeps up behind Carissa and before Whitney can cry out in warning he grabs her from behind and clamps a chemical soaked rag over her nose and mouth. Whitney can only watch in XXXX as her alterego is subdued by the Hunter until she lies XXXX at his feet. She warns the Hunter to release her and free all the other Ultragirls he has captured. But the Hunter tells her that The Purge has paid him too well and besides he kind of enjoys keeping his pretty captives tightly bound and gagged for his sadistic amusement. He removes Carissa's puwer belt and drags her off. 

Whitney is still tied to her chair with her elbows still fused together behind her back but more rope has been added to fold her in half with her chest tied down to her knees in a tight little ball. The Hunter has replaced her cleave gag with a big red ballgag. She looks up from her chair to see Carissa bound, gagged, bootless and beltless tied spread eagle up against a wall. She is stretched out tight up onto her tiptoes with her wrist pulled up high above her head and secured with rope to rings mounted on the top of the wall. Her ankless are tied with ropes and spread to another set of rings mounted at the base of the wall. A big red ballgag is also jammed between her teeth. Whitney struggles in her chair and realizes that her bound wrists are attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley keeping her wrists pulled high up behind her back and twisting her poor shouders in their sockets. Whitney's ass rest precariously at the front edge of the flimsy chair. She stops struggling when she realizes that if she slips off the chair her poor shoulders and will bear the brunt of her body weight. She looks over to poor Carissa for help but the poor girl is in no position to help. The Hunter comes into the room with a wand vibrator and ties a rope around Carissa's slender waist. The rope is pulled down between her legs where he ties the head of the wand vibrator to her crotch. The head of the vibrator is pressed up tight against her pussy. He turns on the vibrator and adjusts and tightens the ropes to insure it won't slip away. Carissa moans and protests through her gag as the vibrator begins to stimulate her pussy. She pulls at the ropes but the ropes bited deep into her wrists and ankles, there is no hope of escape. Then she watches in XXXX as the Hunter goes over to Whitney and pulls the chair out from under her ass. Whitney's ass sinks to her calves as her wrists are jerked up high in the air damned near ripping her arms from her shoulders. The Hunter waves the two captured power belts and brags that the Purge will pay well for them. He leaves the room as Carissa struggles to fight off her first orgasm but she know that is will not be able to fight them off for very long. She looks over at poor Whitney as she struggles to find a position that is the least torturous for her shoulders and legs. But there really isn't any chance of getting comfortable. 

Will the UltraGirls escape? What plans does The Purge have with their power belts? Will the UltraGirls be around for the crisis that is coming?

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