After hours office terror

~Ludella Hahn~

bondage, damsel in distress, story line, red head, eye glasses, high heels, pencil skirt, back seemed stockings, retro look, on screen tying, on screen gagging, clear tape gag, tied elbows, struggling, goat roped, BDSM


Ludella was working late at the office and really wanted to get home, her holiday would start as soon as she locked up the office. She jumped a bit in her seat when there was a knock on her office door and the door swung open. She looked up and sees the creepy janitor, she needed to finish some reports and didn't appreciate any distractions, distractions like the incompetent clod who barged into her office. Irritated at the intrusion she scolded him and told him to come back after she left. But he was defiant and insisted on cleaning up her office which only pissed her off all the more. Ludella treatened to have him fired if he didn't leave her office immediately. He didn't seem to get it and was disrespectful and crude. She didn't have time for this, she wanted to get home. He finally seemed to get the hint but only after insisting on emptying her waste basket. He leaves her office and Ludella rushes to get her work done. She yawns and closes her laptop and stuffs her briefcase with the reports and gets up to leave. But as she opens her door the stupid janitor is standing there. He grabs her my the throat and pushes her back into the office. He pushes her over her desk and pulls her arms behind her back. Ludella demands her unhand her and tells him that he is fired. But he doesn't seem to care, she calls for help but there is no one around her hear her cries. She feels rope wrap around her upper arms and her elbows slam together behind her back. She can't beleive he is tying her up! Ludalla struggles helplessly under his weight as the ropes cinch and pinch between her elbows. She tries to kick at him but her heels miss the mark. With her elbows crushed together behind her back Ludella feels totally helpless but still tries to take charge of the situation. She threatens him and orders him to let her go but he responds by pulling her up off the desk and slowly begins to unbutton her frilly blouse. Ludella has never by so humiliated and struggles in his arms trying to break free. He then lifts her leg up and lays her on her desk and ties her ankles tightly together while she continues to bitch, complain and threaten. She feels him pull her wrists together and ropes pull tight around her wrists. Then to her horror he pulls his cleaning rag out of his pocket and stuffs it into her mouth. She screams into the gag and wriggles helplessly on the desk top as he searches through her desk drawers looking for some tape. He pulls out some clear tape and wraps it over her mouth sealing the rag deep in her mouth then wraps the tape around her head. Bound, gagged and helpless he leaves her on the desk telling he he will return shortly after he steal what he needs from the other offices. After he leaves she struggles on the desk pulling helplessly at the ropes, but the knots are too well tied and with her elbows bound she has no leverage to try to free her wrists. He only hope is to try to get off the desk and find a phone. She slides her legs over the side of the desk and struggles to get to her feet. She makes a few short hops before the brute returns and lifts her back up onto the desk. He pulls out more rope and tells her that he has to leave but since she is such a bitch that he plans on giving her no chance of escape. That her employees will find her still brutally bound and gagged when they come back to work on Monday. She screams in horror into her gag as he ties a rope around her pretty throat. He tells her that she will control her own fate as he ties a slip knot behind her neck. The rope is pulled down to her ankles and her ankles are pulled up behind her. The throat rope is feed between her bound heels then run back up to the back of her neck. He tells her that the more she struggles the tighter she will pull the tighter and tighter around her throat and he hopes her legs don't cramp or she will be in real trouble. He pushes her eye glasses back up her nose and laughs as he leaves her office. Ludella is sweating in terror as the rope around her throat tightens. She tries to keep her legs bent but it is hopeless there is no way to loosen the rope around her throat. She chokes and coughs into her gag as the rope begins to crush her windpipe. She sobs and cries into her gag as it all seems so hopeless. She doesn't know how she can survive the night like this and he was right, no one will find her until Monday.

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