Strict elbows crushing strappado

~Rachel Adams~

bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, shiny, vinyl mini skirt, high heels, upskirt, tied up, cleave gag, gagged girl, tied elbows, crushed elbows, strappado, struggling, BDSM


Pretty Rachel pulls at the chain tethered to her bound wrists as she cries for help through the tight elastic bandage the is pulled tightly between her teeth, forcing her mouth open. But there is no one to hear her pitiful muffled cries for help in the old abandoned warehouse. Her elbows rub bone to bone as they are crushed brutally tight together behind her back. She can feel the ropes around her biceps slice deep into her flesh and her shoulders ache from having her arms tied so severely behind her back for so long. Her wrists have but cranked up in the air to prevent poor Rachel from standing upright without causing more twisting pain in her shoulders. Her hight heels scrape on the hardwoof floor as she struggles and cries in helpless frustration. The Hunter finally comes back and Rachel looks up with pleading eyes in hopes that he will loosen some of the ropes and give her poor arms a break. But the Hunter has no plans for mercy as he pulls out more rope and sits on a chair and begins to bind her legs. Her upper thighs are bound and cinched first then her moves down to her knees. Her legs are then totally fused together as he binds and cinches her ankles tight. The Hunter then grabs the remote on the wall and presses the button. Rachel can hear the sound of the electric winch engage and feel the chain tug at her wrists. She scream and cries in pain as her arms are slowly hoisted up higher and higher behind her back causing her poor tortured shoulders to twist and stretch until she thing that her arms are about to be ripped off. He finally stops and as Rachel catches her breath he ties a rope around her neck. The rope around her neck is run down to a ring mounted on the floor in front of her then runs the rope from the ring to between the bound ankles. He pulls the rope tight forcing poor Rachel to shuffle her feet closer to the ring which causing her poor shoulders to twist and stretch even more as her head is pulled down by the neck rope. He then ties the ropes off as the toes of her stiletto heels are near the ring. Poor Rachel can barely move now with her wrists hoisted up high behind her back, her neck tied down and her bound ankles tethered to the ring. He then leaves her alone to suffer in the tight immobilzing ropes as her poor shoulders, elbows and lower back scream in agony bound in such an inhumane position. Poor Rachel doesn't know how long he intends to leave her in her cruel predicament but the minute tick by like hours in her pain and suffering.

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