Hot busty Asian wife bound to pay off his gambling debts

~Nyssa Nevers~

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Hot busty Asian wife Nyssa struts out into the living room feeling super sexy and excited about finally going out with her husband. He told her to get dressed up super sexy for a night to remember, Nyssa couldn't remember the last time she had a night out. Being married to her degenerate gambler husband was starting to wear on her nerves. He seldom was home more then a few hours before heading to the track or the pool hall and he was alway broke. But tonight he told her that he hit it big. So Nyssa dressed up in a skin tight satin dress, stiletto heels, fishnet stockings and a pair of long leather gloves that she was dying to wear. He was sitting on the sofa was she walks in and models her outfit for him all excited to get out of the house. But he told her that there was a change in plans he was heading for Vegas. Nyssa looked at him with hatred and disgust, that was it she had had enough of her loser husband. She started screaming and berating him in a fury, cursing, swearing and stomping her feet in anger. She then turns on her heels to storm out of the room and tells him that she wants a divorce and will take everything. But before she can take another step he was behind her, then Nyssa felt a sharp jab in her ribs and hears the sound of an electric tazer. The electric jolt surged through her body dropping her to her hands and knees, Nyssa brain fought to shake off the short curcuit but then he pushes her to the floor with his foot and give her another long jolt. Nyssa's poor body convulves and jerks on the floor then everything goes black. She awakens later still on the floor, as she struggles to regain her senses she tries to move her hands to rub her head. But her arms don't cooperate, she feels her shoulders stretched back with her arms behind her. She pulls at her hands and feels the tight leather belts wrapped around her wrists and elbows. She looks down at her curvy legs to see them fused together bound with leather belts strapped around her ankles and knees. Nyssa screams and cries for help then realizes that it was her loser husband that tied her up. She gets really pissed now cursing and threatening him with serious legal action. Nyssa rolls around on the floor pulling at her leather restraints but her struggles are futile, she can't get away. Her husband finally returns and sits on the sofa and laughs at his pretty wife as she struggles and swears at him. He tells her that she is his ticket out of debt, his booking has been lusting after her for some time and he made a deal with him to take her off his hands in exchange for writting off his gambling debt and some cash. Nyssa screams at him that he is crazy, he can't do this to her. He pulls a ballgag out of his pocket and stuffs it between her teeth and straps it in tight. He then pulls her tits out of her tight dress then rolls her over onto her belly. He grabs another leather belt and pushes it between her bound ankles, then he belt is run up between her bound wrists. Nyssa grunts and cries into her gag as her legs are bent into a strict hogtie. After she is tightly hogtied he tells her to relax, his booking will be here soon. Nyssa screams and cries into her gag pulling desperately at her restraints in anger and fustration. The then hears a knock on the door and the bookie comes in. He looks down at poor helpless Nyssa with lust in his eyes. She watches helplessly from the floor as the men exchange money and then her husband leaves telling her that he is going to Vegas. Nyssa begs and cries through her gag as the bookie grabs and fondles her big tits and reaches down and inspects her pussy and ass. He finally frees her legs from the hogtie and then unbelts her legs and pulls her to her feet. Nyssa struggles as he pushes her out of the room into her new life of captivity.

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