Breast bound & tied up tight for bound orgasms

~Lexi Lane~

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Sweet busty neighbor girl Lexi struggles in ropes sitting on a low stool with her back against a steel pipe. Her elbows are slammed behind her back and her wrists are tied and tethered to a ring mounted on the floor behind her. Her slender ankles are tied together and a ballgag is jammed between her teeth to keep her for calling out for help. The Hunter comes in with more rope and tightens the rope tethered to her wrists then pulls her big tits out of her shiny black crop top. Ropes are wrapped around her ribs, just above and below her exposed breasts. Then he begins to wrap her tits in a tourniquet of rope. The ropes slice deep into the tender flesh around the base of her boobs. Lexi's breasts swell and mushroom as the ropes are wrapped tighter and tighter around her breasts. Once her breast are tightly bound in a tourniquet of rope he wraps more ropes around both of her bound, swollen tits he ties them tightly together. He then unties her ankles and ties more rope around her thighs just above her knee and spreads her legs wide open tethering the ropes from her knees to the steel pipe behind her. Her ankles then tied to the legs of the stool. Lexi struggles in the ropes pulling desperately while looking down at her bound swollen tits as the change color. The Hunter comes back with a wand vibrator and begins to vibe and stimulate her pussy with the vibator. Lexi cries and protest through her gag as her pussy is violated by the vibrator. But soon her protests turn to moans of pleasure as the Hunter taunts, teases and vibes her pussy into orgasms. As she recovers from her orgasm the Hunter stuffs the wand vibrator into her panties with the head of the vibrator pressing up tight against her pussy. He returns with a vibrating dildo and begins to fuck her pussy with the dildo as he vibes her clit with the wand vibrator. Lexi pulls at the ropes as her body thrashes as she is brought to orgasms again and again. The Hunter finally stops but leaves the vibrating dildo stuffed inside her pussy held in place by her panties.

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