Suck it good if you want your elbows freed

~Bailey Paige~

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Petite Bailey kneels in front of a full length mirror tightly bound with black leather belts and ballgagged. Her elbows are crushed together behind her back and her legs are folded with her ankles bound to her tights in a frogtie. Bailey sobs and cries her shoulders aching from having her elbows so tightly bound behind her back. The Hunter comes in and asks her if she wants her elbows freed. Bailey sobs, cries and begs through her gag desperate to have her elbows freed. So informs her that she is going to have to earn it. He pulls her crop top down to reveal her tits and attaches a set of steel nipple clamps to her erect firm nipples. Bailey whines into her gag as her poor nipples are crushed in the clamps. He then pulls out a big rubber dildo cock and removes her ballgag. He then tells her that if she wants her elbows freed and her nipples back she better do a good job sucking the cock. Bailey opens her mouth and swollows the cock in her warm moist mouth, she desperately wants her elbows and nipples freed. She watches heself in the mirror as she sucks, licks and swollows the cock. Tears flow down her cheeks as she coughs and gags on the cock but she is afraid to stop or the Hunter will leave her elbows bound all day. The Hunter comes back later and tells her that she needs to take a break while they wait for his clients to come. He then grabs her by the hair and pushes her head forcing the cock deep down her throat. Bailey's hands flail and as she coughs and gags on the cock trying to get some air. He finally lets go of her hair and pushes the ball gag back between her teeth. He then removes the belt from her elbows and lays her on her side on the floor. She sobs and cries into her gag looking down at her still clamped nipples, but at least her elbows are freed.

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