Bound escape into the woods

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~Angelica Vamp~

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Hot blonde Angelica awakens in the back seat of a parked car still dazed and confused from her chemical induced slumber. The last thing she remembered was stumbling out of the bathroom at the crowded club looking for her girl friends then everything went black. Now the bright sunlight blinds her as she struggled to open her eyes. She tries to move her hands to rub her aching head but her arms won't cooperate. Then she feels the tight ropes that bited deep into the soft flesh of her biceps and cut deep into her wrists. She can feel her elbows rubbing together behind her back and realizies that her arms are cruelly bound behind her back. Her mouth is dry as cotton, she tries to call for help but then realizes that her mouth is tightly packed and sealed shut with layers of duct tape pulled across her jaws. Angelica tries to sit up by her arms are further restricted by ropes wrapped tightly around her shoulders, chest and arms. She discovers that her booted ankles aren't bound so she uses her feet as leverage to sit up. She looks around to discover that the car is parked in the woods and there is no sign of her captor. Angelica doesn't know where he is or way that are stopped in the woods but she knows she there my be her only chance of escape. She tries to reach for the door handles to open the door but her poor fingers are numb and with the restrictive ropes she can barely reach the door handle. So she lays back down and uses the stiletto heels and the toes of her boots to try to open the door. She struggles with the door handles and feels a sense of releif when the door pops open. She slides herself across the seat and get her feet on the ground. She sits up and looks around, still no sign of her captor. She doesn't know where she is or what to do next. She sees a road then a path into the woods. She quickly thinks that if she heads down the road she may find help sooner but there is no place to hide and in all likelihood that is where her captor went. So she decides that the path into the woods is her best chance to evade capture and hide if needed. She struggles to her feet and begins to stumble down the path. There were a lot of stones and tree roots poking out of her ground so she needed to be careful not to trip and fall, with her arms uselessly bound behind her back there was no way to break her fall if she tripped. Angelica moves as fast as she can deeper into the woods following the path. She her feet slip in the mud and puddles so she has to carefully step to keep from falling. Then she hears a twig snap and turns to look back behind her, then sudden panic overwhelms her, maybe her captor has discovered her missing from the car and is in pursuit. She quickly decides that she needs to find a place to hide and that maybe being on the path isn't such a good idea. So she turns off the path and begins to climb a hill picking her way between the trees, brush and saplings. Angelica uses her numb hands as best she can to grab on to tree limbs and saplings to help pull herself up the hill. She quickly begins to lose her breath as she climbs the hill, the tape sealing her mouth shut and the ropes wrapped tightly around her chest is making it difficult to breathe, she needs to get the tape off her face soon or she will soon collapse in exhaustion. She struggles to get to the top of the hill then drops to her knees totally out of breath. She leans against a tree and feels the rough tree bark on her cheek. Maybe she can use the tree to help pry the duct tape off her face. Angelica begins to rub her cheek against the tree and can feel the edges of the tape begin to break free. Between her sweating from the climb and the rough tree bark the duct tape begins to peal off her face. She finally  pulls the tape off enough the spit out the rag in her mouth and take a deep breath. The fresh air filling her lung revives her and she continues to rub to remove the last hold of the tape. The tape finally falls from her face but is still stuck in her hair. This is no time to worry about vanity she can finally breath again, she struggles to her feet and finds herself back on level ground. She decides that she needs to make as much space between herself and the car as fast a possible so begins to job down a path. She stumbles and struggles but doesn't dare stop until she feels safe. But her luck runs out when a hulking brute brusts out of the tree line and before she can turn to run he grabs her. Angelica tries to kick at him with her stiletto boots but he has a long machette and presses it against her throat. Defeated and terrified as the sharp blade presses against her throat she surrenders and stop fighting. He pulls an old rag out of his pocket and stuffs it into her mouth. The a long torn sheet is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head hold the rag deep in her mouth. He pushes her onto her knees and pulls her tits out of her tiny sweaty crop top. He tells her that she has been a bed girl for trying to run away and needs to be punished. He pulls a set of clamps out of his pocket and clamps them onto her nipples. Angelica screams in pain into her gag as her poor nipples are crushed in the tight jaws of the clamps. He then ties a rope leash around her neck and pulls her to her feet. He tugs on the leash and Angelica stumbles along behind the brute, bound and gagged as he leads her deeper into the woods to an unknown fate. (7:35 minutes)

This is a long lost video from the early years of the lair with Angelica Vamp running through the woods bound and gagged never posted before . Recently found on an old disk re-rendered into the best quality possible. The video quility is fair and not the best but too good a clip not to share

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