Suspended upside-down her arms twisted up in a reverse prayer nipple clamped

~Rachel Adams~

bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, shiny, high heels, ankle boots, spandex leggings, tied up, cleave gag, gagged girl, reverse prayer, struggling, suspension bondage, upside-down suspension, nipple clamps, crushed nipples, BDSM


Pretty Rachel struggles sitting on a low stool in the lair with her arms twisted up behind her back in a strict reverse prayer. Her curvy legs are fused together, bound in ropes around her knees and booted ankles. Her heels are tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Her mouth is packed then elastic bandage is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head, forcing her jaws open. Rachel pulls helplessly at the ropes but there is little she can do with her hands pushed up high between her shoulder blades. The Hunter comes in with more rope and wraps it around her arms just above her elbows. He then pulls the ropes tight, forcing her elbows closer at the small of her back and pushing her helplessly bound hands up to the back of her neck. He then goes over to the remote on the wall and presses the button. Rachel can hear the whirl of the electric motor engages and can see the chain attaches to her boots being pulled taut. Soon her booted feet are slowly raised in the air forcing her to lay back on her bound arms. The Hunter raises her feet up until her ass is off the floor then comes over to move the stool out of the way. He returns to the remote and presses the button again. Rachel sobs and cries in terror as her feet are raised higher and higher until she hangs helplessly upside-down in the air. The Hunter comes and gives her a spin and leaves her struggling helplessly bound and suspended with her head a few inches off the floor. He comes back with a set of nipple clamps and pulls her tits out of her shiny crop top. Rachel's screams in pain through her gag as her poor nipples are crushed in the brutal steel clamp. He then ties a rope to the chain between the clamp and tethers the other end of the rope to a ring on the floor. He pulls the rope taut pulling and stretching her crushed nipples. He then gives her body a nudge causing her to swing back and forth. Her gentle swing causes the nipple clamps to pulls and jerk her poor crushed nipples each time she swing back. He leaves her alone to suffer in the cruel bondage unable to move without pulling her nipples.

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