Suck it or suffer


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Busty Slyyy sits on a tall stool tightly bound and ballgagged looking at her tightly bound body in a full length mirror just in front of her. Her gloved elbows are crushed tightly together behind her back in ropes, her gloved wrists are tightly bound and her arms are twisted up in a severe chicken wing with her bound elbows jutting out from her back. Her long spandex encased legs are fused together with ropes wrapped tightly around her slender ankles and knees. The Hunter comes in and begins to taunt and tease her, unzipping the front of her shiny top he pulls her big tits free. He then pulls out a set of steel clamps and attaches them to her exposed nipples. Slyyy screams and cries into her gag begging him to remove the clamps that crush her nipples in their steel jaws. He then pulls out a big rubber cock and tells her that if she wants him to remove the clamps she had better do a good job sucking the cock. He removes the big black ballgag jammed between her teeth and hold the cock to her lips. Slyyy immediately opens her warm moist mouth and swallows the rubber cock. She begins to suck and lick the cock trying to please the Hunter with her cocksucking skills. He then attaches the cock to the mirror and moves it close so she can reach it with her mouth. Slyyy greedily begins to licks, suck and deep throat the cock while pulling at the tight ropes. The Hunter comes over and tells her that she is doing a pretty good job and removes the clamps and hangs them on the shaft of the rubber cock. He tells her to do better or he will put the clamps back on her nipples. Slyyy nipples are still throbbing in pain from being crushed in the clamps. Her eyes go big in fear as she begins to suck and swallow the cock in earnest. The Hunter comes back later and tells her that she has done a great job and to stop. He grabs the ball gag and jams it back between her teeth and straps it in tight. He tells her that she needs to rest for a while and moves her to the floor. A rope is tied between her bound stiletto heels and then run up between her crushed elbows. He pulls the slack out of the ropes pulling her stiletto heels close to her elbows. He leave poor Slyyy helplesss bound and gagged on the floor in the strict chicken wing hogtie.

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