Tightly bound slut has to suck for her freedom

~Whitney Morgan~

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Hot blonde captive Whitney Morgan kneels on the floor of the lair with her arms fused tightly together behind her back in rope. Her elbows are crushed and bound with rope biting deep into the soft flesh around her biceps and her wrists are tightly bound with ropes slicing deep into her wrists bones. Her wrists are tied to a horizonal bar pulling her hands up high above her head in a kneeling strappado. Her fishnet encased legs are bound with rope around her ankles and knees with her ankles tethered to a ring mounted on the floor behind to keep her from moving around too much. A shiny black cleave gag is pulled between her lips, pulling the corners of her mouth back. Whitney struggles desperately in the ropes, pulling and twisting to the limits of the ropes in hopes of breaking free. But her struggles are futile as the Hunter comes in, he sees her wrist ropes have a little too much play so he tightens the ropes around her wrists to weld them to the metal pipes. He then asks if she wants to be untied, Whitney shakes her head and begs through her gag for be freed of the hated ropes. He grabs a portable full length mirror and moves it in front of her face. Whitney reals back in disgust when she sees a big rubber cock stuck to the mirror right at mouth level. She begs and cries through her gag but the Hunter informs her that she has to suck for her freedom. He pulls the gag out of her mouth so the shiny black gag hangs around her throat. He adjusts the cock to the proper hight then orders her to start sucking. Whitney realizes that her only hope of freedom is to please the Hunter so she takes the big rubber cock into her mouth and begins to suck and swollow it. Eyes well up in her eyes and her makeup runs down her cheeks as she cough, chokes and gags on the cock. But she is afraid to stop, her shoulders ache and her hands are growing numb and the ropes crushing her elbows together are far too tight. She continues to suck and give the dildo a blowjob as she struggles at the limits of the ropes. The Hunter watches her suck for what seems like an eternity for poor Whitney. Finally he comes over and tells her to stop, he moves the mirror away and pulls he gag back between her lips. He then informs her that this was just a practice session he is going to get his clients now so she can suck their cocks dry. He leaves her helplessly bound and gagged with her shoulders and elbows aching and tears flowing down her face. 

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