Redhead party girl isn't going to make it to the club tonight


bondage, Damsel in Distress, rope bondage, red head, high heels, tied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, gagged girl, tape gag, strappado, stocking hood, BDSM


Petite redhead Jessica is dragged into the old factory in five inch stiletto heels and a super tight spandex mini dress. She had planned to go out to the club but the Hunter had different plans for her. Now with her arms fused tightly together behind her back in ropes and her wrists the Hunter tethers her wrists to the overhead water pipes. She frowns and sneers at him as he attaches her wrists to the chain and pulls her wrist up behind her back. Jessica complains about being so tightly bound so her responds by stuffing rag into her mouth the pulling a tight cleave gag between her lips to gag her into silence. Next black electrial tape is wrapped over the gag for added security. He then pulls the chain tethering her wrist to the overhead pipes and pulls her wrist up high above her head in a strict shoulder twisting strappado. He then bends to tie her ankles and knees tightly together. He leave the hapless redhead struggling helplessly in the ropes only to return later with an old black nylon stocking. Jessica moans and cries into her gag when she sees the stocking knowing what he intends to do next. He pulls the stocking over her head and wraps move electrial tape around the base of the stocking. He then pulls the toe end of the stocking up to her bound elbows. He pulls her head back and ties off the stocking to her elbows. He leaves poor Jessica so suffer in silence there will be no clubbing tonight.

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