Collecting restitution from the embezzling accountant

~Penny Stone~

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Pretty accountant Penny Stone works for a small firm that has been helping some gangsters launder their illiceit cash. She thought she could skim some of the cash into her personal accounts since the amount were so large no one would be the wiser. Unfortunately for Penny she didn't cover her tracks very well and the gagster were wise to her. One of the thugs leads poor Loli into the garage at one of their safe houses. Her arms were tied brutally tight behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows and wrists tightly together. A rope collar has been tied around her pretty throat as the thug attaches the rope around her throat to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. He then pulls the chain tight forcing poor Penny up onto her toes as he begins her interrogation. Penny chokes on the rope as it is pulled tight around her throat and denies taking the money. He pulls out her gag and continues her interrogation until she finally breaks and admits that she took the money. He then demands to know where the money is and poor Penny is forced to admit that her boy friend had ripped her off and has left the country. The thug isn't happy and leaves her hanging by her neck still brutally bound while he decides how she is going to earn the money back. He returns and tells her that since she has a hot little body that she will have to work for them as a whore. He unties her arms but leaves her neck in the and forces her to strip out of her sexy office attire. She stands on her tip toes in just her panties as he hands her her new clothes. Penny is forced to put on some fish net stockings, super short tight mini skirt, slutty top and stiletto heeled boots all while hanging by her neck. Once she has change into her new clothes her reties her elbows and wrists. Finally to her releif she releases her neck from the chain then he stuffs a huge rag into her mouth and seals her mouth shut with duct tape wrapped tightly around her head. He opens a steel cage and orders her inside. Penny is scared and at first refuses but her tells her it is either the cage or the . Loli steps into cage and he locks her inside with a pad lock telling her some of the other whores will be back later to start her new line of work. Scared, bound, gagged and caged Penny looks around trying to figure a way out of her peril. She sees that a set of keys have been left hanging on a hook nearby. But with her arms tied there is no way of reaching them. Penny feels the bars of the steel cage and notices that some to the bars have rough edges. She begins to rub her wrists ropes on the steel bars and can feel the rough steel begin to saw through her wrist ropes. She has no idea how long she has before someone returns so she works feverishly sawing at the ropes until finally they fall free from her wrists. But her elbows are still bound but at least she can reach up with her hands for the keys. She grabs the keys then reachs up to the padlock. She fumbles with the keys trying to find the one that fits the padlock. To her relief the key turns and she is able to get free from the cage. She wobbles on the six inch stiletto boots looking for a way out of the garage. There is only one door and she has no chance but to take her chances and try to escape through the house. She opens the door and steps into the kitchen. To her releif there doesn't seem to be anyone around and heads for the nearest exit as glass door heading out to the pool. She reaches the door and fumbles with the lock until the door swings open. But Penny's luck runs out as the thug grabs her from behind just as she gets outside. He drags her back and and reties her wrists, Penny is then marched bound and gagged back into the garage. He leads her back to the chain and attaches the end of the chain to her bound wrists. He then pulls the chain hoisting her arms up high behind her back until she has to stretch up onto her toes. He attaches the chain and gets more rope and ties her ankles and knees tightly together. Satified that there is no way for her to escape from the brutal strappado he leaves again. Penny sobs and cries into her gag hanging helplessly by her wrists with her poor shoulders screaming in agony at being stretched so far up behind her back.

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