Cruel back arching crotch rope stretch

~Rachel Adams~

bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, shiny, high heels, upskirt, tied up, bandage gag, gagged girl, tied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, crotch rope, back arch, nipple clamps, nipple stretch, BDSM


Hapless Rachel is dragged into the lair by the Hunter with her arms strictly bound behind her back. Ropes crush her elbows together behind her back and slice deep into her wrists. He drags her over to a steel pipe frame and drapes her bound arms over the taller frame. He then orders her to stretch her legs over the lower bar in front of her. The Hunter then pushes an old rag into her mouth and wraps elastic bandage between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head to seal her mouth shut. Her bound wrists are then tethered to a ring mounted on the floor to prevent her from getting off the bar. He grabs more ropes and spreading her legs wide he lashes her ankles to the side uprights of the lower bar. Rachel's body is now supported by the bar under her knees and the bar under her armpit. Rachel struggles helplessly in her bondage as she watches the Hunter grab more rope. She begs and pleads through her gag as her ties a rope around her slender waist then runs the rope between her legs and buries it deep in her lace panties, cleaving her pussy in two. She watches in horror as he pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her crotch rope. He goes over to the winch remote and presses the button. Rachel begs and cries into her gag as she hears the sound of the eletric motor and sees the chain being pulled taut. The chain is pulled tighter and tighter by the winch forcing the crotch rope to slice deep into her pussy. Rachel arches her back and struggles in the ropes as the crotch rope is pulled tighter and tighter. He finally stops the winch as Rachel sobs and cries into her gag. He grabs a set of nipple clamps and pulls her tits out of her tight, shiny dress. She screams in pain into her gag as her nipples are crushed by the clamps. He then attaches the chain between the clamps to the chain attached to her crotch rope. He leaves poor Rachel struggling in her bondage her poor body arched and stretched as the crotch rope bites deep into her pussy and her poor throbbing nipples are crushed by the clamps.

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