Helplessly cuffed & clamped for an ass paddling

~Fayth on Fire~

handcuffs, bondage, damsel in distress, spanking, shiny, high heels, skin tight jeans, ball gagged, gagged girl, struggling, nipple vacuum pumps, nipple clamps, ass paddling, nipple torture, BDSM


Defiant Fayth is dragged into the lair by the Hunter by a chain attached to her handcuffed wrists. Her hands are cuffed in front of her, she screams into the huge black ballgag that spreads her jaws painfully open that is jammed between her teeth. The Hunter pulls her up to a steel pipe frame with the horizonal pipe at her hips and attaches her cuffed wrists to a ring mounted on the wall in front of her. Fayth as she stretch her arms out and bend over the pipe to keep the tight steel cuffs from slicing into her wrists. He grabs two sets of leg shackles and spreading her legs wide apart her ankles are cuffed to the upright pipes of the frame. Fayth struggles helplessly bound in steel over the pipes as the Hunter goes into his bag of tricks. He returns with a pair of nipple vacuum pumps and attaches them to her exposed nipples. Fayth screams in pain into her gag as the Hunter twists the screws on the pumps to draw the air out of them. As the air is sucked up her nipples and breast flesh are sucked painfully into the vacuum. Fayth curses and swears into her gag in pain and defiance. The Hunter then ties a leather cord to the screws on the pumps and hangs a padlock on the cord for weight to pull and stretch her poor nipples. Fayth screams and begs through her gag as she looks helplessly down at her poor tortured nipples. The Hunter returns later with a trouser clothes hanger. Fayth looks at the hanger in terror as he removes the breast vacuum pumps from her nipples. Fayth nipples are engorged and throbbing from being sucked into the vacuum. She screams in pain as he then attaches the hanger to her swollen, throbbing nipples. she pulls desperately at her steel retraints but there is no escape and no way to save her poor nipples. The Hunter then ties the leather cord to the hanger and attaches the other end of the leather cord to a ring mounted on the floor. Fayth swollen nipples are crushed and stretched by the hanger and she is afraid to move. Then the Hunter shows her a paddle and goes behind her. He taunts and torments her with the paddles but swatting at her as but near missing before giving her ample ass a good hard swat. Fayth jerks when the paddle finally makes contact in surprise with causes her to pulls on her poor crushed nipples. She screams out and curses in pain as he continues to tease and torment her with the paddle. he finally stops and leaves her alones with her ass and nipples throbbing in pain.

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